Your Guide To Surviving Fashion Week

Your Guide To Surviving Fashion Week

On the 17th of February 2017, London will once again be taken over by the bi-annual fashion event that even those who aren’t fashion lovers know about: London Fashion Week. Across London, designers will be showcasing their AW17 collections, models and journalists will be running from show to show, and hair and make-up artists will be perfecting the catwalk looks. It can be a pretty hectic time, which is why we’ve put together a list of essentials you will need to ensure you survive Fashion Week.

Last year, we watched the stylists from KMS California work their magic at the Bora Aksu show, and put together a list of handbag essentials for fashion week


Handbag Essentials for London Fashion Week

Heading to Fashion Week this season? Check out our must have handbag essentials to make sure you're always on FROW style fleek! 

2016-02-18 13:07:04By Sally

Tip #1: Plan, Plan, Plan

If you’re going to be hopping from show to show, make sure you plan out your route. Figure out where the venue is and plan your tube route ahead of time. There is nothing worse than feeling rushed and flustered! You want to enjoy the shows, so just work out your route and timings the night before.

Tip #2: Get ‘On-The-Go’ Everything

When you’re rushing between shows, you might struggle to find time to grab food, touch up your hair or give your make-up a refresh. On-the-go products are an absolute essential to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best whilst you’re getting your inspo on at shows! Take a look at some of our favourite on the go beauty products below!

Tip #3: Only Take The Basics

Ok, we know we just recommended carrying some cordless straighteners with you, but they are only tiny and really lightweight, so they don’t count! Don’t carry more around with you than you need. You’re probably going to want to touch up your makeup, but think about what you actually need. Taking 2-in-1 products is a great idea, like theBalm’s Hot Mama, which can be used as both an eyeshadow and a blush, and bonus points if your products include a mirror!

Tip #4: Phone & Flats…

Take a portable phone charger, and wear flat shoes. Seriously. Your phone is going to die. You’ll be using google maps, whatsapping details to and fro, and taking numerous videos, pictures along with updating Instagram. A portable phone charger is a MUST. And when it comes to shoes, unless you have heels of steel, throw on a pair of Vans Old Skool’s from AllSole and you’re good to go!

And finally, enjoy!! Are you at LFW this season? Let us know over on Instagram & Twitter!




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