We all love summer vibes when the sun's out, our tan is glowing and we’re enjoying watermelon and ice cream in bucket-loads! Yet whilst the weather is great for our social lives, it wreaks havoc on our bodies. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to protect yourself. We’ve gathered the heat protecting sprays you NEED this summer to help combat the heat!

2018-04-18 09:00:03By Shannon


HQhair Student Discount with UNiDAYS!

Did you know HQhair now offers student discount through UNiDAYS? Check out how to get your discount and out student favourites on the blog!

2018-04-10 08:00:28By Faye


The Cult Beauty Faves Every Gal Needs in Their Life

There’s some cult beauty product faves which are loved by everyone, and every gal should have them in her collection! Find out exactly what you need right here…

2018-03-17 09:00:19By Shannon


5 Reasons Stress Is Messing with Your Skin

Discover 5 reasons why stress messes with your skin, and how you can combat it for a clear complexion right here...

2018-02-16 08:00:52By Shannon

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These Masks Will Make Your Dull, Dry Winter Skin Come Alive Again

Whether they help bring out efficacy in your moisturiser or just give your skin the boost of hydration it needs to stop flaking, these masks act like a big drink of water for your complexion.

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How To Even Out Your Skin Tone Once And For All

If you don't already have this in your skincare regimen, it's time to invest.

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The Products You Need To Winter-Proof Your Skin

These 7 products will help brighten, soothe and hydrate skin in the months ahead.

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10 Beauty Tricks That Will Help You Cover Up An Awful Cold

We've rounded up 10 beauty tricks that will help you cover up those tell-tale signs.

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Give The Gift Of A Perfect Night's Sleep This Christmas

If you know someone who struggles to count their z's, we have the perfect solution.

2017-11-27 09:00:52By Rebecca

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How to get rid of dry skin for good

Here are our winter skincare tips and must-have products to get rid of that dry skin for good.

2017-11-08 16:38:49By Shannon