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Everything You Need to Know About Silver Shampoo

Everything You Need to Know About Silver Shampoo

Whether you already sport light locks or are thinking of taking the plunge with bleach, you need to know about silver shampoo. Acting as the best friend for all silver and blonde haired gals, you can’t afford to miss out on this hero essential! Here at HQhair we’ve put together a quick guide with everything you need to know about silver shampoo for enviable tresses.

What Is Silver Shampoo?

Otherwise known as purple shampoo, silver shampoo is a colour toning hair cleanser which is designed to remove brassy tones from blonde locks. Containing a purple pigment, it neutralises yellow tones to help maintain a cool blonde, grey or platinum.

How Does Silver Shampoo Work?

When applied to the hair, purple pigments from the shampoo are absorbed into the strand. By leaving it on for a few minutes before washing out, you can alter your hair’s tone and colour for a fresh from the salon look. For a more intense effect, leave the shampoo on for longer, just as you would with hair dye before washing it out!

Why Use Silver Shampoo?

Anyone who has blonde, grey, platinum or silver hair should use a silver shampoo. This is because when hair oxidises, yellow, brassy tones start to become visible. The silver shampoo will balance out the colour to help maintain a freshly-dyed look. Hair will become brighter, cooler and more even with each use.

Can You Use Silver Shampoo Every Day?

You should avoid using silver shampoo each time you wash your hair and instead use it every 2-3 washes. This is because over-use can cause your hair to develop a purple tinge that may take a while to fade. On the other washes, use colour care shampoos and conditioners to protect your colour.

 L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

This shampoo from L’Oréal has a dark purple pigmentation, allowing it to work quickly and easily for an instant effect on your tresses. Packed with amino acids, it helps to maintain the condition of your hair too, whilst giving clarity and shine for healthy locks.




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