National Fragrance Day: Choose Your Perfume Based On Your Makeup Look

Choosing the perfect perfume can be a difficult choice, especially when online. This National Fragrance Day, we’ve decided to put together a guide to help you choose. We’ve taken some gorgeous makeup looks and paired them up with the fragrances that go well with them… simply pick the look you like and see which perfume you should get based on that!

National Fragrance Day: Which Fragrance Should You Choose?

Which makeup look do you wanna double tap? You can tell a lot about a person by their insta likes, so pick your fave and then we’ll know exactly which fragrance will suit you.

From everyday opulence to a lil somethin’ somethin’ for Friday night, there’s a perfume to match your makeup.

Consider this National Fragrance Day: Nailed.

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I wonder if I could pull off this hairstyle full time though?! I love it! ☀️

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If you love this look:

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weekend nights in black 🖤

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If you love this look:

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If you love this look:

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Pink always 🌸💕🎠

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If you love this look:

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If you love this look:

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It has now been ten years since Sophie Lancaster died after she and her boyfriend were attacked, simply for looking different. —————————— @illamasqua has supported the Sophie Lancaster Foundation from the beginning, and in 2014 they successfully lobbied the government to bring in stiffer punishments for Hate Crimes. And now Illamasqua have named their black Colouring Eye Pencil and golden coral powder blusher in her honour, Sophie, with every purchase, £3 and £1 respectively, will go to the Foundation. —————————— In these troubled times, the story of Sophie Lancaster is ever more pertinent. So today I've #GothUpForSophie, using the products bearing her name. Embrace different.

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If you love this look:

Wanna go your own way? We like the way you think, rule breaker.

We’ve got all the good stuff on our site, so make sure you go through our perfume collections and pick up a new favourite or an old classic just in time for National Fragrance Day – not that you really needed an excuse.

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