OPI, the path to elegant, effortless nails. If you want long-lasting nails you need OPI polish, because only OPI owns the secret to fabulous nails. What makes OPI so special its secret ingredient that makes every bottle of OPI nail polish long-lasting & chip resistant for every occasion. It is recognised by all that OPI is the leading brand for nail polish and OPI want to ensure that all nail lovers go nowhere without it.

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OPI are the leaders in nail innovation. From shatters, to the newly launched liquid sand and not forgetting the original matte polishes, OPI have over 130 shades each with a unique personalised name that never lets you forget each legendary OPI shade. Each OPI shade is meticulously created to suit you and your personality, there will always be a OPI shade out there for you! Loved by all magazine editors and salon professionals, OPI are claimed to be the number 1 brand within the nail industry. Come explore the world of OPI.

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