PomegranetreFatBurn_lgBurner Balm, a controversial appetite suppressing lip balm which is an exclusive product to HQhair.com has had a dramatic launch in the UK.

The lip balm which hasn’t stayed out of magazines and UK press since its launch in July has received a multitude of mixed responses. In a recent Evening Standard article the lip balm was criticised for exploiting women’s fears about gaining weight. Burner Balm executive Matt Mills responded to these claims by releasing a statement which said, “Our product can absolutely help men and women, currently on a healthy diet and exercise program, achieve their weight loss goals Burner Balm contains an appetite suppressant that curbs between meal snacking when people often consume added calories with little or no nutritional value.”

Joey Valvo, Vice President also said “We’re not encouraging people to avoid eating. We are providing a unique product that offers a solution for dieters. Rather than rely on high calorie choices for that afternoon energy boost or snack before dinner, consumers now have a zero calorie alternative, Burner Balm.”

Despite concerns in the UK press about the product many consumers of the product have been raving about it, on a recent blog post Selina Realm wrote, “My strawberry Fat Burner Balm arrived this morning…..it tastes lovely and I’ve got to say (for today’s usage), I really didn’t feel the urge to snack the same as I normally do mid afternoon”.

 Burner Balm continues to be a controversial product, so why don’t you make up your own mind about the appetite suppressing lip balm. Check it out at HQhair.com.

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Edward Jones

Edward Jones

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