cloud nine banner hqLet’s just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous Stephanie’s hair is… I mean, how the hell does a girl get their hair so long – and in such good condition, too?!

cloud nine wide iron

Stephanie's Look 1Stephanie i.e. the lovely beauty blogger behind, has reviewed the amazing Cloud Nine Wide Iron, which is available to purchase at Let’s take a peak at some of the lovely looks she was able to create with this hair styling tool!

Stephanie’s Natural Hair

Stephanie's Natural Hair

Stephanie mentions in her review that after using her ordinary shampoo and conditioner, she didn’t use any other products to smooth her hair or tame any frizz or flyaways. The results you can see below are all down to the Cloud Nine Wide Irons!

Stephanie’s Curly Cloud Nine Look

Stephanie's CurlyHairStephanie says: “Miraculously (without much difficulty), I was able to curl my hair with it! I was shocked and amazed! I’ve always wanted to curl my hair with an iron because it really smoothes and tames everything.”

stephanie curly lookBit gorgeous, much?!

Stephanie’s Straight Hair Cloud Nine Look

stephanie's straight look

Cloud Nine Wide IronsStephanie adds: “I was able to straighten my hair with the Cloud Nine Wide Irons with ease – (usually, if I curl my hair it physically will not straighten until I wash it and start over).

What do you think of Stephanie’s Cloud Nine look?! Will you be trying any of our Cloud Nine products at Let us know in the comments!

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