Are you a big fan of X-Factor’s Little Mix or just a big fan of fake eyelashes?  Well add some excitement to your lashes with the paperself range as seen worn by Little Mix and Janet Devlin they are great if you’re feeling bold and aim to turn heads! The unique art for your eyelashes will grab everyone’s attention and you will be guaranteed to be getting compliments all night! Paperself false eyelashes come in a range of designs, from butterflies and stag horns to peacocks and horses and some new designs coming in next week so grab them while you can! From a distance they look like well applied eyeliner but up close people will notice that it is actually a work of art. They are based on traditional Chinese symbols each delicate design represents something different, the horses represent success, and the peonies represent happiness, the peach blossoms- love, the peacock- lucky days. So which one suits you? Don’t forget new designs will be up on the site next week! I know I can’t wait to buy mine!  

Prices Range from £10.00 – £12.00

Love Alex x


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I'm often referred to as 'the nail girl' because I love nail art - I have over 200 bottles of nail polish at home! But I love all things beauty; especially anything neon bright or packed with glitter. Growing up, I was a bit of a nerdy kid, so playing with colourful makeup or wacky hairstyles became my creative outlet - so it's great that this has become my job! You'll spot me at the bar, probably wearing sequins, drinking a Singapore Sling.

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