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Raise some brows this winter by following these helpful hints on eyebrow shaping!

Eyebrows have recently become a major focus in the world of cosmetics, with the likes of Cara Delevingne bringing bushy brows back into fashion.

Whether your eyebrows are thick or thin, blonde or brunette, you can learn how to shape, tame and enhance your hairs thanks to these tips and tricks from HQHair.com. Let’s start from the beginning…

The perfect pencil

Lord & Berry Magic Brow PencilSo you thought that tweezers would come first in the eyebrow shaping process? Think again! It’s always a nifty idea to start with an eyebrow pencil like the Lord & Berry Magic Brow Pencil in your chosen colour – fill in your desired brow shape before you pluck so that you don’t find that you’ve taken too much away, and remember to define a line along the bottom edge of your brow so you know exactly where to pluck!

Some trusty tweezers

Now come the tweezers. Use a pair like tRubis Tweezershe Classic Black Slant Rubis Tweezer to get rid of any stray hairs that you’ve not covered with your pencil, and don’t forget to pluck from the bottom rather than the top so that you lift the brow into an impressive arch. And it might sound obvious, but keep checking on your progress and don’t rush the job… once they’re gone they’re gone, and – uh oh – it could be a while before they’re back!

A sharpener to be safe

DuWop Beauty Blade OriginalAlthough you might have filled in your brows once already, go over them again with the pencil once you’ve plucked as some colour might have rubbed off. Always keep a handy sharpener on hand, like the DuWop Beauty Blade Original, in case you find yourself with a blunt end after too much colouring in. You can also use the sharpener on your lipliner and eye liner too – how very convenient!

Some plush powder

If you think that a pencil would be too harsh for your eyebglo minerals Brow Powder Duorows, then try a powder instead. This will define your eyebrows with a softer feel, and can even just be used to fill in thin patches if you don’t want to give your brows a full make over. With a powder like the glo minerals Brow Powder Duo you can blend two shades together to perfectly match your eyebrow colour for a flawless natural-looking finish.

A genius gel

Tweezerman BrowmousseFor the ultimate eyebrow shaping experience, the Tweezerman Browmousse will finish off your look fabulously! The gel will shape your hairs and hold them in place for ages, making for the perfectly clean cut brow. Brush the gel upwards across the hairs (like you would with mascara) to create the shape that you’ve always dreamed of – you’ll have the most seductive and captivating stare in the room!

Have you always dreamed of a dramatic and defined brow? You can do it yourself thanks to these eyebrow shaping tips from HQHair.com! Free delivery options available.

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