Any curly girl knows that big hair can be fabulous, but it can also be a tricky to tame and style, especially if you’re not using the right products. Mizani, whose name itself means ‘balance’ in Swahili, offer an extensive range of hair care products specially formulated to balance beauty with chemistry and help you  achieve beautiful, natural curly hair.

The first step to perfectly balanced hair is identifying your curl type, which may have its own special requirements. HQ Hair can then offer you the ideal product to suit your needs.

1. Straight to Minimal Wave


You have fairly straight, thin or thick hair but it lacks body and volume. You’re looking to smooth your locks and inject some moisture and shine. Try the Supreme Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, they will not only improve your hair’s texture but also make it more manageable, looking full and healthy.



2. Open Wave


Your hair falls into loose S-shaped curls with more movement at the ends. It has some body and volume and doesn’t get too frizzy. You need a gentle product like the BotaniFying Shampoo, which can be used daily and will leave your hair manageable and your scalp nourished and soothed.


3. Wavy


Naturally wavy hair will have a uniform wave pattern, forming distinct S-shaped curves. You can stretch the waves and they will spring back and it may be prone to frizz. Go for a lightweight shampoo that will enhance your curls and give your hair a volume boost like the True Textures Curl Balance Shampoo – plus it’s also safe for coloured hair.

4. Curly


Curly hair can be a big mixture of shapes; anything from loops and spirals to tighter ringlets and corkscrew curls. Your hair definitely isn’t lacking in body or bounce but it might be a little bit stretchy and could be frizzy as well. Mizani have created the Supreme Oil Mask an intense, nourishing treatment rich in natural oils like Rice Bran, Argan and Avocado Oils, which will benefit all types of curly hair.

5. Very Curly


This type of hair features a well-defined curl with S-shapes forming into coils. It grows downwards from the scalp, then curls. Your hair is prone to compact and may seem less voluminous but still has some movement. It’s also quite likely to frizz and tangle so treat your hair to a the luxurious Moisturfusion Milk Bath – it penetrates deep into the hair leaving it soft and shiny.

6. Coiled


You have a loose afro with medium-sized coils close to the scalp. Your hair grows up and away from the scalp, then curls. This type of curl has some volume but not much movement and may get frizzy and tangled. Try the Thermasmooth Conditioner with its exclusive C3 Smoothing Complex, it gives your hair weightless protection for long-lasting, frizz-free style.


7. Very Coiled


This hair type is charactarised by a tight afro with distinct, springy coils growing close to the scalp. There is minimal volume and no movement. Your hair tends to be frizzy, tangled and prone to knotting. Unleash its true potential with the True Textures Cleansing Cream Conditioning Curl Wash, a one-step product that blends together mild cleansing and detangling with extra hydration.


8. Zig-Zag Coiled


You have an extremely tight afro with interlocking coils and zig-zag patterns. Your hair begins curling directly from the scalp and the curls are very compact with no movement at all. It could be tangled and frizzy with a few knots. This type of hair deserves the ultimate Supreme Oil Hair Treatment, a precise formulation of 8 natural oils designed to be ultra-light yet super nourishing. This oil is perfect for all hair types and can even be used on your skin!


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You can view all these products and more at hqhair.com. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any products from Mizani and if you have any top tips on how to style curly hair. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @hqhair to stay up to date with all our latest offers!

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