Created by the founder & creative director Francois Nars, Francois continues to build into each and every collection his passions and interests, showing no boundaries. Each and every item of the collection represent Francois’ various pursuits and interests, each item having an emotional attachment to places, people, experiences that have shaped his life.

NARS Summer 12 Collection Model Image

The NARS Summer collection is one of his best yet, bringing with it a cocktail of warm earth tones and brazen shimmers. Eyes glisten in icy peach and matte apricot, or shine in iridescent orchid and blue. Lips are subtle in a glossy nude beige pink, or bold in matte strawberry red. A delicate seashell pinks lends nails a flattering hue for an overall look that’s sizzling, sophisticated and – like so many summery moments – simply unforgettable.

NARS Summer 12 Full Collection Colours

The collection contains 9 new colours – one new nail polish – Trouville, three lip pencils – Bueno’s Aires, Never Say Never, Calabria Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, two lipsticks – Moscow Pure Matte, Vendanges, one blush – Liberté and finally two eye shadow’s – Ramatuelle Trio  (limited edition), Marie-Galante Duo Eyeshadow.

We just love the Trouville nail polish – a gorgeous shade of pink, perfect for this spring/summers pastel trend. Francois based this name on a region in the Basse-Normandie within north-western France that is filled with beautiful beaches and picturesque boardwalk. Another great thing about this nail polish is that it is doesn’t fade over time and doesn’t chip – always good to hear..!

The buyer’s favourite from this collection is the Ramatuelle Trio eyeshadow. Named after a village in the Provence-Alpes-Cóte d’Azur within the south-eastern of France, this gorgeous eyeshadow combines two shimmers – silver and icy peach – with a matte apricot for an unexpected warm-cool take an a neutral palette. Each colour and be used individually for a subtle look or combined for a unique, refined look.

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But which is your favourite from the new collection?

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