Ellie Goulding is one of my favourite artists because of her unique voice and style, I have always loved her hair as its been so long, but I’m in two minds about her new pink shaven hair style. The shaven look has been proven popular with celebrities in the past few years with the likes of Mel B, Cassie, Rihanna, Toni Braxton and Naomi Campbell who have all pulled it off amazingly. But has Ellie Goulding gone one step to far trying a new edgy look out? Or do you think it suits her? Let us know what you think!


Love Alex x


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I'm often referred to as 'the nail girl' because I love nail art - I have over 200 bottles of nail polish at home! But I love all things beauty; especially anything neon bright or packed with glitter. Growing up, I was a bit of a nerdy kid, so playing with colourful makeup or wacky hairstyles became my creative outlet - so it's great that this has become my job! You'll spot me at the bar, probably wearing sequins, drinking a Singapore Sling.

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