Release your inner Animal… Grrrr

Drum roll please, after much anticipation the fabulous Safari Chic make-up brushes from Japonesque have arrived.

So apart from the obvious super- cute design, what have we got here?!

Two offerings, the Japonesque Safari Chic Bronzer Brush – short, fat and stubby – it is brilliant for bronzer and applying mineral makeup – comes boxed.

Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Set three short handled brushes (perfect for your handbag).  Includes powder brush, shadow and crease brushes that come in a handy and on-trend animal print pouch.

The exceptional quality that we know and love from Japonesque is definitely evident here, the bristles are tightly packed and made from super soft (but not so soft you can’t apply!) synthetic hair – they make it a dream to apply.  I have been using the bronzer brush to apply my mineral powder makeup and it has been giving me a far better coverage and less powder wastage than my natural bristle brush.

We are in Much-LOVE with these brushes, and are secretly hoping that it is paving the way for some more exciting designs to come from Japonesque…  we will keep you informed!   Meanwhile – go get ‘em tigresses >>>


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