Moroccanoil is one of the biggest hair care companies in the world, supplying you with a nourishing and shine inducing formula containing Argan oil from Morocco.

Here we want to make sure that you get the best out of your Moroccanoil Original Hair Oil Treatment and with the help of the Moroccanoil Hair Tutorial we’ll show you how.

Choose your weapon; Either the Original or Light Moroccanoil hair treatment to suit your hair type, opting for the light Moroccanoil treatment if you’re hair is prone to becoming oily.

Wet hair

The most common way that people use the Moroccanoil hair oils is when their hair is wet. You only need a small amount (like below)…

Running it through the ends and avoiding the roots..

Then dry in and style as normal..

The Moroccanoil Original Hair Oil Treatment Leaves your hair looking healthier by calming frizz and giving you unbelievable manageability.

Dry Hair

Working the Moroccanoil Original Hair Oil Treatment into dry hair can make brushing and styling a dream.

Using the same amount as you would for wet hair, work the Moroccanoil into just the ends of your hair.

Style as normal to gain control and creativity over your hair.


Check out the Moroccanoil hair care range here & for more information watch the video here.

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