Check out our new in range from Australian Skincare brand Freezeframe that aims to literally ‘stop time’ with clinical results, all from the comfort of your own home. The brand focuses on areas such as wrinkles, lip enhancements and even breast augmentation that previously only surgery could target. We like to call it plastic surgery in a bottle here at HQhair and will undoubtedly be making room in our beauty routine for such a revolutionary cosmetics product.

Their products target a whole host of beauty concerns including lips, eyes, body and even butt with our favourite (1) Freezeframe Brazilian Butt Lift in a tube. How could you not wish to give this unique product a try?

Every girl can sympathise with the early morning wake-up that leaves your eyes looking groggy and desperate for a de-puff. One of their best selling products is the (2) Freezeframe Boost Eye Roller, this must have soothes and cools to reduce the early morning swelling whilst boosting circulation and reducing wrinkles around the eyes including crows feet.

Want fuller lips that last a lifetime? The (3) Freezeframe Lip Injection is here to boost fat whilst reducing lines to create a fuller, puffed up lip with results that are long lasting, unlike other products on the market. This is a truly revolutionary beauty product which can change the way you see results.

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