Well it has been the usual busy week so far at HQ, Sarah D found out that she was a mistake – a happy one her Father said – we second that!!   Sarah T is putting her new bathroom off until March as that is when the plumber can come – we are thinking about changing jobs to become plumbers if they are that in demand… and Kath is on a diet and is constantly hungry, no really – seriously hungry, absolutely starving apparently – going to bring in donuts tomorrow and put a stop to it – come on, it is Christmas and certainly cold enough up here to warrant an extra sugary layer!  I am almost wetting myself with excitement as I have found a new house to rent in a lovely village location, with an AGA – I am thinking I may be getting old, but the AGA excites me very, very, much!  No idea how to use it but it looks sooooo pretty!

We had the lovely Elliot from Murad in the office yesterday, he has done a skin analysis on each of us and we will be trying our new skincare routines very soon (will update you all with reviews).  We are very excited as it is such a results driven fantastic brand, absolutely perfect to give as a present – so get in there before all the kits are gone – http://www.hqhair.com/elysium.search?search=murad+celebrate

gorgeous nars soft touch pencils!

We had design reshoot this fantastic NARS Christmas Kabuki Pencil Cofrets as we didn’t think we were getting across how absolutely beautiful they were – http://www.hqhair.com/nars-mie-kabuki-mini-soft-touch-shadow-pencil-coffret/10567111.html – honestly so so lovely, would be incredibly happy to receive one for Christmas.

And just a reminder on our current little OFFERS!  Buy two products from Mama Mio and receive a 125ml (that is almost full size guys!) Omega Body Buff AND if you buy ANYTHING from the bath and body product ranges you will receive a luxury sized yummy Pure Fiji Sample when you enter SINSEVEN – use it or lose it peeps!!

Righty, signing off – stay beautiful!

Love Jess x


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