Benetint: the celebrity favourite product you need

If there’s one thing we love here at HQhair, its a multi-functional product. Gone are the days of bulging makeup bags and an 18-step application. Today, us working women are all about the quick, simple and easy to use products that take us from a questionable 4 to a solid 10 in an instant. Whilst Benetint has been a staple in many a makeup bag for sometime now, we recently reignited our love for the lip and cheek stain when we found it pride and place among a number of celebrity beauty cupboards. But what is it about this best-selling product that’s allowed it to remain a cult-favourite for the best part of four decades? We reveal all, below.

The History

Benefit Benetint

Benefit Benetint

Surely you’ve heard the story of the exotic dancer who was in need of *ahem* nipple tint? Created in 1976, Benetint was originally crafted for use among the centre stage. Exotic dancers would use this coveted tint to stain their nipples, making them more attractive and noticeable for those in the audience. The dancer loved it so much that she gave a couple of bottles to her fellow dancers and the rest as they say, is beauty history.

 One Benetint is sold every two minutes in 47 countries worldwide

Now, iconic actresses such as Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams cite Benetint as a mainstay in their vast makeup collection, to give them a suitable flush of colour on both their lips and cheeks in one fuss-free application.

Benefit Benetint

This cult-favourite, original rose-tinted stain provides luxurious streak-free colour that glides onto skin in one easy motion. Both kiss-proof and water-proof, this incredibly sheer tint gives you a subtle yet long-lasting colour for a beautiful, rosy glow.

To use as a cheek-stain: Simply place three small dots across the apple of your cheek and blend in quick, upward motions using your finger tips.

To use as a lip-stain: Apply Benetint to the entire lip using a clean cotton bud. Wait to dry and finish with a clear gloss.

Celebrity Fans

1.Eva Mendes

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Eva reveals “I use this stain on the apples of my cheeks for a perfect, natural looking flush”.

eva mendez benetint

Eva Mendes

2. Nicole Kidman

Speaking to Allure, Nicole Kidman said “I’m a mum so I don’t have a lot of room in my bag, but I always try to have an all-in-one product. I use Benefit Benetint on my lips and cheeks.”

nicole kidman benetint

Nicole Kidman

3. Amy Adams

Whilst Amy Adams told InStyle, “sometimes, if you need a pick-me-up, there’s nothing better than a new lip gloss.” Her fave is Benefit Benetint!

amy adams benetint

Amy Adams

You can shop the whole Benefit collection, here.

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