#HQGirlCrush: Amy Valentine

Stunning pink-haired fashion blogger Amy Valentine is without a doubt the next in our #HQGirlCrush series! Here in the HQhair office we’re incredibly jealous of her rosy hair and sassy style, could she get any more stunning? Her quirky music taste and passion for festivals can only make us love her even more!

Who is Amy Valentine?

After discovering the blogging community in 2011, Amy Valentine dived into creating a fashion blog where she could express her love for style trends and beauty products. Regularly updating her blog, Amy always keeps us updated with her pretty, pink and punk lifestyle, we’re extremely envious!

Along with her super style savvy updates, Amy is forever informing us about the latest and greatest music festivals. Of course, she also keeps us in the loop with all her little fangirling moments… *queue the My Chemical Romance fans* how can you not love her?!

Top 3 Amy Valentine Looks


Amy Valentine HQgirlcrush 1

Including her signature cutesy eyeliner flick, this super cute girly look is one of our absolute favourite Amy Valentine styles. Our number one choice eyeliner to recreate this is the Lord & Berry Forever Black Liquid Eyeliner in Black. (Check out our #HQHowTo : Winged Eyeliner to perfect it!) To achieve the gorgeous pink shade on your lips, try the Maybelline Superstay 24HR Lip Colour in Delicious Pink. Not only does it have amazing staying power with no smudging or fading, your lips will be luscious and full of colour!


Amy Valentine HQgirlcrush 2

Everyone knows that even though coloured hair can be absolutely gorgeous, it’s an absolute pain to keep in good condition! As a mix of bleach, dyes and heat styling destroys your locks, we found ourselves wondering how Amy’s tresses are so sublime?! The solution to protect your hair and keep it looking beautiful? Grow Gorgeous! With their exclusive Intense Hair Growth Serum for extra hair health, length and strength, unique density Shampoo and Conditioner to restore thickness and softness, it’s lush! Here at HQhairGrow Gorgeous is our absolute saviour!


Amy Valentine HQgirlcrush 3

We still can’t help but notice Amy Valentine‘s out of this world eyebrows…How are they so perfect? After what feels like an eternity of dignity-destroying eyebrow fails, we discovered that our go-to flawless brow product is the Eylure Brow Ink.  For that enchanting plum shade on your lips, start with the Pur Minerals Lip Lure Hydrating Lip Laquer in Mystic. Complete with a swipe of Bourjois Gloss Sweet Kiss in Cart Rouge. Bonus – anyone can pull off this bold lip look!

Which one of Amy’s looks is your favourite? Share your #HQGirlCrush on Twitter or Instagram and tag @HQhair!

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