Grab your passport babe, these are the top Pinterest travel trends, as ranked by one of our fave social platforms by search. Photo by @shewearsfashion.

Top Pinterest Travel Trends

Lookin’ for what to do this summer? We’d tracked down the top Pinterest travel trends for you to add to your itinerary asap.

Long Weekends

Planning on going away but got hardly any days holiday left? No problem. Searches for long weekends are up +167%, and we don’t blame ya when it’s only one or two days of your holiday allowance a year.

Europe is gonna be your first look – flights for £30? Yes please! – but why not consider somewhere a lil closer to home? Brighton is always a fave, however UK city breaks are lookin’ even better with boutique hotels opening in Bristol, Liverpool and York too.

Solo Adventures

Want a lil sun but the rest of your squad are skint? Trust us, we’ve been there. There’s nothing stopping you packing your bags and making the most of what you want to do, and searches for solo adventures are up +593%. It’s time to stop using a useless mate as an excuse, pick a destination and go for it.

Eco hotels

As microbeads and one use face wipes are getting banned in the UK, we’re making sure we’re being more eco-conscious in every aspect of our lives. Eco-friendly hotels are a top Pinterest travel destination and searches are up +125%.

As you add to your carbon footprint by flying long-haul, you can have a positive impact on arrival.

Wine Trips

Raise your glass to searches for wine trips being up +119%.

Whether you’re heading to France or Australia, make sure you have time to share a bottle of their finest.

Surf Classes

Although there’s a lot of sunbathing and lying on beaches factored in when you head on holiday, a top Pinterest travel trend is for surf classes, up +260%.

This year people definitely want to catch flights and waves.

Food photography workshops

Wanna prove that you’ve got the best brunch? Duh. Also turns out that +207% more people than last year do too.

Book in for a food photography class to prove that your breakfast, lunch and dinner are better than everyone else’s sad meal deals at home.

Filming locations

There’s nothing more satisfying than pointing at the TV and saying “I’ve been there”. Get added bragging rights this year and add filming locations to your go-to holiday destinations, with searches up +194% from last year.

From Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment to Game of Thrones locations, where will you be headed on your holiday this year?

Wanna know which places we’re obsessed with RN?

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