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What Nail Shade Will Suit My Skin Tone?

Leighton Denny has landed at HQhair and its an international affair. Their new summer collection is a vibrant array of fun colours that celebrate different cultures, giving each and every one of you a shade that suits your skin tone. From pink nude hues to hot corals, the Leighton Denny International Collection will have you reaching for your favourite bikini and coolest cocktail in an instant.

what nail shade suits your skin tone hqhair leighton denny

When looking for the perfect summer polish, its important to consider your natural skin tone as certain colours are better suited to fair skin such as nudes and darker shades for olive skin tones.

What nail shade suits your skin tone?

Fair Skin

Don’t be afraid to try nude shades, its often thought that with fair skin, pale shades are to be avoided however choose a nude with white undertones like Leighton Denny in Honey Trap and your fair skin will appear brighter. If you want something a little darker try my favourite coffee crème hue Brief Encounter, this is a great polish for week day meetings. Come the weekend, its time to vamp it up with a berry red, this rich Passion rouge is a great contrast on fair skin. With summer just around the corner don’t ignore the brighter hues, Leighton Denny’s new international collection delivers a whole host of vibrant colour pops and we’re crushing on this coral for fair skinned beauties. Bon Voyage reminds us of tans and long summer days, so make sure it’s packed in your suitcase this season.

Olive Skin

Pick a nude shade with peach undertones like this Mirage or Not from the International Collection, colours like this look great on tanned skin, the warmer tones the better. Looking for a colour pop then you olive skinned lovelies are in for a treat, you can pretty much wear any bright tone. Like Provocative or their new Passport to Shine in electric yellow, the brighter the better. If you want to enhance your tan this summer then go for metallics, the silver shimmer in shades like Jailbird below will make your hands appear browner.


Grey is a popular colour for those with darker skin, Leading Lilac has a subtle hint of purple whilst the grey will compliment your skin tone. Finding the perfect red is no hard task for you as luckily pretty much any shade will suit your skin tone, our favourite is this pink toned Pillow Talk. The brighter the better with dark skin tones so go bold with I Love Juicy.

What nail shade is your go-to? Do you prefer a bright and bold shade, or something a little more subtle?




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