are you including this step in your party prep?

With so many beauty products landing on my desk daily, it takes something special for me to sit up and listen. However new brand BOD or Body On Demand as it’s less commonly known, achieved just that. Not only is their product range housed in luxurious matte gold packaging, it also claims to fix the one problem each and every one of us women suffer with on a daily basis. Yes, you guessed it: bloating. While none of their three products will actively reduce your dress size, they will rid your body of excess water and stubborn toxins. So, if you haven’t yet got this game-changing range on your party prep list, read on…

what is BOD?

Born from the desire to make every woman look and feel confident in their own skin, Body On Demand combined their wish with science-savvy technology to bring effective body solutions to the home. Inspired by a community of body-loving women, this newly born brand understands that demanding lifestyles often lead to less time in the gym.

How does it work?

Working to a simple three-step philosophy, Sweat, Sculpt and Control, Body On Demand offer 100% natural and cruelty free solutions for a number of bodily concerns.

party prep

Sweat: Adding BOD 20min Body Boost Bath Prep to your bath helps to naturally drive out excess water and toxins from the skin through diffusion; a process which naturally happens when your body is submerged in hot and highly concentrated solutions. By bathing for a minimum of 20 minutes, you can eliminate anything up to 3lb of unnecessary water retention! Win!

Sculpt: Sculpt your silhouette with BOD Everyday Body Boost Sorbet and effectively smooth away cellulite and fine lines. Containing a mix of natural sugars and two key ingredients that work to tone, sculpt and define your body, this unique formula works to reshape your body contour by up to 2cm.

Control: Working to aid your digestive system, BOD’s Body Boosting Supplements contains a natural, high fibre super ingredient that works by absorbing excess water in the body, making you feel fuller for longer. Scientifically shown to positively lower cholesterol and slow down digestion, this innovative treatment effectively reduces that dreaded bloated feeling.

The Products:

BOD 20min Body Boost Bath Prep

Wave goodbye to that bloated feeling with BOD 20min Body Boost Bath Prep. THE go-to transformative solution, this innovative bath salt utilises your body’s natural diffusion process in order to rid it of excess water and stubborn toxins. A powerful (and secret) blend of extracts and ionic compounds work together to leave your body looking sculpted and defined.

How to use: For best results, add the whole pack into a 37-29° bath and bathe for a minimum of 20 minutes.

BOD Everyday Body Boost Sorbet

Actively target cellulite with the Everyday Body Boost Sorbet, a luxurious lotion that delivers both instant and long-term results for a flawlessly sculpted silhouette. Powered by a number of naturally toning ingredients, this creamy formula melts into skin to deliver intense hydration to promote seriously soft and supple skin. The perfect pick-me-up, you can expect to feel truly transofrmed after the first use.

How to use: For best results, massage into your problem areas once daily using as part of the Sweat, Sculpt and Control system.

BOD Konjac Root Body Boost Food Supplements

Perfect for those days when you feel a little sluggish, BOD Konjac Root Body Boost Food Supplements work to rid you of that bloated feeling by absorbing excess water in the digestive system. Powered by Konjac Root, a natural high-fibre ingredient, this innovative product provide an easy aid to support gut health whilst simultaneously positively lowering cholesterol levels.

How to use: Take 2 capsules three times a day with a minimum of 350ml of water.