Beauty Trends That You Will See At Coachella 2017

Beauty Trends That You Will See At Coachella 2017

Now that it’s April, the days have started to become that little bit lighter and longer, meaning that we can officially start getting excited for summer and of course, festival season. Although festivals usually take place from June-September here in the UK, festival season kicks off this weekend in the USA with the star-studded Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival.

Coachella takes place across two weekends in April and hosts some of the world’s most famous artists and bands. In fact, this year alone will see Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead take the stage. Coachella is held in the Coachella Valley in the Colarado desert (hense the amazing weather!) and although we’re miles away, we still can’t wait to see all of the hottest outfits, hair and makeup looks! 

Coachella 2017 Beauty Trends

Here at HQhair, we wanna know about the latest beauty trends before they even happen. So, we’ve been doing some research and we think that these are the four beauty trends that are going to be everywhere at Coachella this year… You heard it here first!

Glitter Tears

Glitter parting? That’s so 2016. This year, it’s all about the glitter tears! We’re not gonna lie, we did love glitter partings, but the glitter would stay in our hair for weeks afterwards. Glitter tears, on the other hand, are super easy to remove – all you need is a makeup wipe! Already seen on YouTube star Nicole Guerriero and Insta-famous makeup artist Brookelle McKenzie, we’re definitely sure that this new craze will be making an appearance at Coachella.

How to: glitter tears

To give the glitter something to properly stick to and apply a light swatch of OCC’s Lip Tar to your under eye. Whilst the formula is still tacky, use a flat eye shadow brush to pat on some OCC Cosmetic Glitter. It really couldn’t be simpler to recreate this super fun look!

Mini Space Buns

We’re always going to obsess over space buns. Not only are they super cute, but they are also really convenient for holding your hair back from your face in the hot Californian weather. Make this hairstyle a little more glamorous by incorporating space buns into the classic half up, half down and voila, you’re Coachella ready!

How to: Mini Space Buns

Start by brushing through your hair to ensure that your locks are completely tangle-free. Section your hair in half and then section again at your natural parting. Once your happy with your two sections, tie them into small ponytails before wrapping them round into mini space buns. Since straighteners are a no-go at festivals, use an Invisibobble so that if you want to change up your style, your hair will be left kink-free!

Rainbow Makeup

Nothing says festival vibes like bright coloured makeup! Perhaps one of the best things about festivals is the opportunity to experiment with your look and sway from your standard smokey eye and nude lip combo. If you wanna take your love for colour to the extreme, then partner your colourful makeup with some semi-permanent hair dye for the ultimate boho look. We personally love the Fudge Paintbox Hair Colourant in Pink Riot, get yours here!

How to: Rainbow Makeup

Use Shay Mitchell as inspiration and apply a pretty pink on your lid then buff a bright blue onto your under eye. The Lottie London 12 Piece Eyeshadow Palette – The Rainbows provides you with a shade for every mood or outfit. The long-lasting formula of these eye shadows will make sure that your eye makeup is slayin’ all Coachella long!

Pretty Plaits

Not only are braids bang on trend ATM, but they’re also perfect for hiding any signs of unwashed hair (lets face it, it’s going to happen at a festival!), so expect to see plenty of plaits at Coachella this year. Take Lottie Tomlinson as an example, her super sleek braids are giving us some serious hair inspo!

How to: Pretty Plaits

To make sure that your plaits stay in place, spritz your hair with Philip Kingsley Weatherproof Hairspray (250ml) before brushing your locks through with a brush – trust us, it’ll work! Once you’ve braided your hair, spray it again and smooth down any flyaways with a tooth brush. Read our full tutorial for taming loose hairs here.


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