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'Photogenic Beauty'

Fujifilm might be famous for their cameras, but you may not know that they recently decided to branch out into the beauty industry. In 2012 the company decided to combine their 70 years worth of knowledge in making beautiful images and used their advanced technologies to launch a new premium anti-aging skin care brand, Astalift.

After all, collagen is not just an essential ingredient in photographic film, it's a key component in the skin and a vital target in the fight against visible aging. Also the process of oxidation, which is the leading cause of freckles and skin aging, is the same reaction that causes colour fading in photographs, so Fujifilm have utilised their anti-oxidation technology in their anti-aging skin products. Then there's nanotechnology; this brand is using high-tech scientific methods, normally reserved for colour developing in photographic film, to allow high concentrations of ultra-fine skin care ingredients to be delivered more effectively to the skin, and to work more efficiently. The result is a completely different kind of anti-aging skin care, with patented, advanced formulations that provide optimum hydration and helps skin regain its firmness and luminosity.

What makes this particular range so special is their powerful ingredient, Astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant found in marine algae. Fujifilm themselves developed this new ingredient, making it usable in skincare, and it's natural vibrant colour is what gives the products their distinctive red hue. The most popular item in this range is without a doubt the Jelly Aquarysta. It's extraordinary formula targets visible signs of premature aging including dark spots, fine lines and dull skin, and gives you a more luminous, 'replumped' complexion.

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