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If you’re looking for selfie-ready skin, then who better to look to than kings of the photo world, Fujifilm? The global photography brand has taken everything it knows about flawless skin and applied it to its own premium anti-ageing skincare and makeup brand: Astalift.

Astalift focuses on the process of oxidation. Oxidation causes fading in photographs and also causes freckles and skin ageing. Fujifilm applies their camera technology to their skincare offering Astalift to allow high concentrations of ultra-fine skincare ingredients to be delivered more effectively and efficiently to the skin. This patented formulation helps skin regain its firmness and luminosity.

Plus, Astalift features Astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant found in marine algae by Fujifilm themselves. Targeting signs of premature ageing, this red-hued powerful ingredient is unique to Astalift.

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