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Created in 2010 in South Africa, Malée Natural Science offers a range of luxury fragrances and body care products inspired by the beauty and wealth of African history, culture, wildlife and breath-taking landscapes. Founder Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao named the brand after her great grandmother and Malée is also an expression for ‘beauty with soul’. Each and every Malée product is on a mission to take you on a journey of discovery of the African universe by using powerful scents, power and charm to awaken the senses. Made with 100% natural, organic active ingredients, each product has unique pampering, nourishing properties so you can have your very own at home spa experience! 

Malée Natural Science Verdure Room Mist

The Malée Natural Science Verdure Room Mist is a room spray designed to uplift the spirits of any space and improve your aromatherapeutic well being. Inspired by the African wetlands, this invigorating fresh forest green fragrance bursts to revitalise the atmosphere and soul. Earthy essential oil notes citrus, mint and patchouli make this the perfect spray to also use to refresh curtains, bedding and storage areas. For longer lasting effects, spritz onto your radiators. 

Malée Natural Science Verdure Conditioning Body Scrub

The Malée Natural Science Verdure Conditioning Body Scrub has a dual salt and sugar texture to exfoliate skin and slough away dead skin cells. It’s hydrating formula envelopes skin with a fresh forest green fragrance which lingers for hours! Enriched with avocado, sunflower and grapeseed oils along with skin loving cocoa and shea butter, skin will be left soft and nourished.

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