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Menage is the only men’s skincare range in the world with Aeris technology, leaving extreme results. The products available at HQhair are simple yet effective, with legendary strength anti-ageing power. The entire Menage skincare for men range includes 4 products to help the man in your life to look after his skin. The use of effective antioxidants in their products is vital; otherwise the skin can develop wrinkles, redness and uneven patches.

Anti-Ageing Tips

To use with their exclusively developed products, Menage has provided some of their top tips to prevent ageing. UV energy is effective in causing a negative result on the skin so UV protection is especially important. The Menage Anti-Ageing Moisturiser SPF15 is a must-have invisible daily moisturiser with instant absorption as an alternative to slathering on sun cream each day. 

Studies have shown that drinking and smoking heavily contribute to the production of free radicals which have been shown to increase skin ageing in men. A lack of sleep will also cause a negative effect on your whole body, including your skin. As your body makes the majority of repairs whilst you sleep, it will decrease the reproduction of new cells. Quitting smoking, cutting back on drinking and getting a good night’s sleep will have huge bonuses your skin will thank you for.

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