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HQhair's collection of curling wands are engineered by only the best professional brands in hair styling, including ghdBabyliss, Diva, Remington and many more. Curling wands will bring infallible, salon-worthy results, with curls that hold voluptuous volume and bounce. Whether you require spiral curls, soft waves or big bouncing locks, you will be able to find the curling iron that will work for you and your look right here on HQhair. 

How To Use A Curling wand

Follow HQhair's guide to create beautiful, natural loving waves with a curling wand:

Step 1: Start by brushing through your hair and ensuring that your locks are completely knot-free. This will help to aid the curling process and prevent you from having to brush through the curls once they have been locked in place. 

Step 2: Divide your hair into sections. Dependent on the length and thickness of the hair, the amount of sections will vary from person-to-person. If your hair is rather thick then you could require up to 5 sections, whereas if your hair is thinner you could only need around 3. 

Step 3: Begin by holding the curling tong vertically with the with the cord facing downwards. Then, with a section of hair 1-2 inches wide, wrap the hair around the wand, curling the hair away from your face. 

Step 4: Once your hair is tightly wrapped around the wand, leave for 7-12 seconds, depending on your hair texture. Thick hair may need to be held for a little longer, whereas thinner hair should be fine being left for just 7 seconds. 

Step 5: Then, let your hair go from around the wand, letting the curl drop into your hand. To avoid the curl from loosing its bounce throughout the day, pin it back into place with a bobby pin until it has completely cooled. 

Step 6: Once you can no longer feel any heat coming from your hair, take out the bobby pins and release the curl. To avoid loosing definition, simply brush through your hair very lightly with your fingers. 

How To Create Spiral Curls 

In order to create tight and defined curls, you can follow the steps above but with a wand that has been specifically design to create spiral waves. The BaByliss Tight Curls Wand is the perfect option. Featuring a ultra-slim 10mm ceramic barrel, this wand will leave your hair in bouncy ringlets. 

Top 10 best curling tongs

  1. GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong, £84.
  2. Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Conical Wand, £60.
  3. Balmain Curling Iron, £99.95
  4. Trevor Sorbie Keratin and Argan Tong, £49.99.
  5. T3 Defined Curls Clip Barrel Curling Iron, £60.
  6. Diva Professional Styling Micro Stick, £44.99.
  7. Corioliss Colour Block Glamour Wand Curler, £49.99.
  8. Electric Head Jog Gold Titanium Waving Iron, £29.95.
  9. Remington CB65A45 Ketatin Therapy Pro Volume, £24.99.
  10. Paul Mitchell Limited Edition Metallic Express Ion 3-in-1, £76.45.

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