#TrendOnTrial : Top 5 Rainbow Hair Trends

Throughout the years, the well-loved rainbow hair has become increasingly popular and the variety of styles has expanded. Everybody knows at least one person who braved the dye bottle and took the risk…are you brave enough? Here at HQhair we decided to explore the colourful world of hair dye and put the trend on trial to give you some inspiration for a new look. If you’re ready to switch up your image then we’re here to spark your creativity with our top 5 favourite rainbow hair trends.

Get The Look-Rainbow Mix

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Something about having every single colour under the sun in your locks has a certain appeal if you have the confidence to pull it off! Not only is it the perfect solution if you can’t decide on just one or two colours, you will stand out from the crowd because let’s face it, who doesn’t love being unique!

Coloured Ombre

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Just colouring the ends of your hair is the way to go if you can’t quite summon up the courage to dye all of your hair or if you just want to test out shades before daring yourself to dye the lot. This is one of our favourites, as the possibilities are endless so be imaginative and mix it up!

Oil Slick

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If you have dark hair and the thought of ruining your hair with tonnes of bleach to get a beautiful colour doesn’t appeal to you then oil slick hair is the way forward. The dye pigments are designed to create an iridescent sheen from sitting on top of a darker base. Inspired by puddles of petrol mixed with rain, the ‘petrol hair’ trend is undeniably exquisite.

Two Tone

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Loving a certain colour yet indecisive about which shade to choose? Don’t fret because two tone hair is totally in and utterly gorgeous. It’s the perfect way to mix it up and add more than one shade without the entire rainbow being present on your head. Bonus-it works with any colour you desire!

Pastel Hair

rainbow hair trends 5

Our rainbow hair list wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to pastel hair! There are so many varieties and styles you can create that the only limit is your imagination! The best part is you can concoct pastel hair from even the brightest of dyes by mixing with conditioner to lighten the colour before you dye. This ensures you can achieve whichever tone you admire.

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Quick tip! After you’ve achieved your desired look, ensure to invest in some trustworthy conditioner; we recommend Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Colour Lustre Conditioner to restore moisture and help to maintain colour for longer. Even though most of us didn’t have the guts to take the plunge and put the trend on trial, Beckie from the HQhair office attempted the style and we absolutely adore it, we may even envy her enough to join in after all…who knows? One of our favourite bloggers, Lima from Fashionicide, is always rocking the coloured hair trend so check out our favourite sassy lady! If you’re too nervous to make the permanent change, try out the Redken Colour Rebel Hair Make Up for a temporary test!

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