#HQGirlCrush: Hannah Pixie Sykes

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As far as the word multi-talented can go, Hannah Pixie Sykes has definitely exceeded all expectations of success. Over the past year her fame has grown immensely and has to be included in our #HQGirlCrush series. She portrays her passion for creativity in such a way that you’re destined to be left feeling inspired.

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#HQHowTo : How To Clean MakeUp Brushes

New makeup and new brushes are a serious guilty pleasure of ours here at HQhair, but what about keeping those pesky brushes clean? With the amount of makeup we like to experiment with, it’s safe to say that our makeup brushes tend to get rather dirty easily, and keeping them clean is vital. We’ve discovered some new tips on how to clean makeup brushes, and here they are!

How To Clean Makeup Brushes with Real Techniques

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HQ Beauty Tips: The Hollywood Smile

beauty tips for white teethThey say that a smile is the best accessory a girl can wear and we all seem to want that perfect Hollywood smile! With the rise of illegal teeth whitening services now leading to prosecutions around the UK (as reported by the BBC this week) it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to any cosmetic procedure. If you can’t quite afford to head to your dental professional to help turn those teeth in to glowing white shiners, don’t worry – HQHair are here to help you give you the appearance of a whiter, brighter smile with a few beauty tips and tricks to get you, quite literally, smiling again.

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Beauty Essentials For London Fashion Week

Fashion Week Beauty Essentials

That time of the year has finally arrived. The bi-annual occurrence all fashion and beauty lovers just can’t get enough of, Fashion Week. This week will see our favourite designers and models take to the catwalks to show us what they have in store for Spring Summer 2016, and we cannot wait. We know how busy (and sometimes stressful, if you aren’t so good at navigating your way around the Underground) a day of shows can be, so we’ve put together a list of our beauty essentials to make sure you’re perfectly preened and looking on point while you’re dashing from show to show or sitting in the frow, along with some of our favourite beauty that we will be recreating! Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the post too, where we’ll be giving you the chance to win some of our London Fashion Week Beauty Essentials! Continue reading

#HQGirlCrush: Em Ford My Pale Skin Blog

Em Ford My Pale Skin Blog Before and After

This week our #HQGirlCrush is a little different. Em Ford from My Pale Skin Blog is a beauty blogger, YouTuber, retired model, film maker and now a role model for girls around the world. Em has used her platform to reveal her vulnerability (Em suffers from adult acne) and to help girls gain confidence and learn to love themselves and their imperfections – if that isn’t something to celebrate, we don’t know what is!  Continue reading

Festival Makeup Tips & Inspiration

festival makeup tips -HQhair Blog

Festivals are all about dancing the day away, hanging out with friends and seeing your favourite bands, all at the same time. But for us at HQhair it’s also all about mastering that perfect festival makeup look right?! When you’re at a festival it is important to make sure your makeup lasts all day and with the crazier makeup the better at festivals we’ve pulled together some of our favourite looks around at the moment for inspiration but also what products we would use to create that ideal festival makeup look.

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Top 5 Tips For Perfect Festival Hair

top tips for festival hair

It’s that time of the year again where there’s a different festival every weekend. We’ve already organised what outfits we’re wearing and planned everything down to our sunglasses, make-up and nail colour. With so many festivals going on right now and we’re sure that like us, you want to have your hair festival ready. Here are our top tips for keeping your hair looking sleek ready for any festival this summer and what essentials you need to bring with you for your hair to survive the festival season.

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Vita Liberata Trystal – The Bronzing Powder That Tans!

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals - 680x227

August is upon us (already!) and the summer is in full swing, but it seems someone forgot to tell the weatherman! If you’re not one of the lucky people jetting off somewhere sunny, then you might be feeling a little sun-deprived here in the UK – we definitely are up in the HQHair office! Thankfully tanning wonder-brand, Vita Liberata, are here to give our pasty skin a much needed boost with their brand new Trystal Minerals bronzing powder.

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#HQGirlCrush: Marina and the Diamonds

marina and the diamonds

Wales isn’t often known for it’s connections with ultra cool, sassy females. Apart from Tom Jones and the Stereophonics, we can’t think of many other singers, songwriters or bands off the top of our heads! But that’s why Marina and the Diamonds stands out from the crowd, and is the first in our #HQGirlCrush series. Not only is Marina absolutely stunning, with her unique sense of style and quirky good looks, but her pop-indie songs are packed full of feel good lyrics and one liners to live your life by.

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