Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Birthday Gift Ideas For Her HQhair Beauty Gifts For HerThis month, we’re celebrating 17 years of HQhair. Our big birthday bash is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to get on the dance floor and have a serious boogie… dance off, anyone? We know we aren’t the only ones with birthday celebrations coming up, so we’ve created our list of gift ideas for her to help you get the most bitchin’ gifts possible for your gal pals! Continue reading

HQhair’s Guide To The Best Bronzers

HQhairs Guide To The Best BronzersIt’s slowly starting to feel like summer might actually be around the corner. The nights are getting lighter, the sun is starting to shine through the clouds, and it’s nearly warm enough to start taking off those layers. In the (almost) summer spirit, we’ve put together our guide to the best bronzers so that you can get the summer glow early! Continue reading

Advice To Our 17 Year Old Selves

HQhair Advice To Our 17 Year Old SelvesWith HQhair turning the big 1-7 this year, we’re pulling out all the stops to take it back to when we were 17 years old. From 90’s trends we can’t get enough of, to prom makeup inspo we wished we had when we were 17, the whole HQhair team is reminiscing on their younger years. We got talking about things we wished we had known when we were 17, and the advice we wish we could go back and give ourselves. Continue reading

HQhair’s Sassy 17th Party Playlist

HQhair Sassy 17th Party PlaylistAs you probably already know, this month HQhair are turning Sassy 17! We’re making all the preparations for our big birthday bash (if you haven’t heard about that yet, have a look at the #HQBDAY hashtag on Twitter) from finding the best balloons and tasting cakes (yum!) to searching for party dresses and buying those must have party essentials. As if we weren’t already in the party mood enough, we thought it was about time we build the ultimate Sassy 17th Party Playlist, which is now on repeat in our office. Continue reading

New to HQhair | Illamasqua Makeup

Illamasqua Makeup now available to buy at HQhair This week we finally made a long awaited announcement here at HQhair. One that we’ve been waiting to tell you about for weeks. It’s been so hard to keep this one a secret, but in case you missed the big announcement over on Twitter or Facebook, HQhair now stock Illamasqua! We’re so passionate about having fun and getting creative with our makeup, so when we found out that Illamasqua would be launching at HQhair, we couldn’t have been more excited. Continue reading

Beauty Bad Habits. Are you Guilty?

1200x672-HQ-wk13-ht-blog-imagery-35Here at HQhair we’re not ones to judge. However, when we took to Twitter to discuss Beauty Bad Habits, we did find ourselves having a little tut and getting full use out of the ‘rolling eyes emoji’… You guys, what are you like? From not washing your face of an evening, to forgetting to replace that mascara; here’s the low down on what beauty bad habits we spotted in our Twitter timeline. Continue reading

Prom Makeup Inspo

Prom Makeup Inspo hqhairIt’s almost Prom Season again, the time of year where thousands of teens across the country celebrate the end of their school, college or uni year. For us gals, it’s just another perfect excuse to go out and get a new dress and heels, and go big with hair and makeup! If you’re feeling a little uninspired when it comes to your makeup, we’ve got just the thing! Take a look at our Prom Makeup Inspo! Continue reading

13 Makeup Essentials You Should Own

1200x672-HQ-wk13-ht-blog-imagery-3Most girls, and some guys (hey, we don’t put people in boxes here) have those make-up essentials they cannot live without. We get it. You’ve got your go-to routine and without your tried and trusted setting spray, your favourite must have foundation isn’t staying put. If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘I just don’t have products like that’, keep reading, because we’ve put together a list of our 13 Makeup Essentials You Should Own. Continue reading