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Utilising the naturally soothing and softening properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water, the Avène skincare range at HQhair is a must-have for anyone looking to relieve sensitive skin. Developed for all levels of sensitive skin, the thermal water which is the core ingredient of the Avène range is constantly tested and validated by stringent tests of tolerance and hypoallergenicity.  Each formulation is tested under dermatological control, which ensure that the textures, ingredients and end product help to comfort issues which impact sensitive skin types. 

With a rich history backing the brand, the story of this skincare range dates back to as early as 1736 in a small village in Southern France.  With Mediterranean and Atlantic influences in the area, Avène enjoys a perfectly balanced climate which helps to create the perfect water to incorporate in to their product formulas. If you're looking for a way to soothe and relieve your dry, sensitive skin you can rest assured that you can trust the dermatological benefits in each innovative product.

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