Netflix and Ill: Top 5 Movies

It’s January, the time of cosy scarves, delicate makeup and of course, the dreaded flu. After all the excitement of Christmas, reality has hit us all along with the *shudder * winter illnesses… However, it’s not all bad news, you now have the perfect excuse to curl up, feel sorry for yourself and binge watch films on Netflix. To help you decide where to start in the vast movie world, here at HQhair we have compiled a list of our top 5 movies! Press that play button, take your mind off your illness and start your cheeky Netflix and Ill session!

Alice In Wonderland


We all know that the very last thing you want to be doing when ill is fighting over the remote with younger siblings. Just take a leaf out of The Red Queen’s book in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, you’re the eldest so you’re entitled right now! This has to be in our top 5 movies for Netflix and ill due to the crazy costumes and sense of fantasy throughout. It completely takes you to Wonderland yourself and you’ll feel like an excited child all over again!

Pulp Fiction


Your illness is taking over your entire body and you’re starting to see the effect on your skin. Now at the point of wanting to spend the rest of your life with a paper bag on your head, you assume everyone will look at you in absolute disgust. Don’t worry, we have the cure to take your mind off it all and the answer is two words, Pulp Fiction. Filled with action from start to finish and 3 stories rolled within it, you’ll be completely lost in the world of hit men, bandits, boxers and gangsters! Whilst your mind is entangled within this legendary film by Quentin Tarantino, leave a GLAMGLOW Youth Mud Face Mask to the task of replenishing your skin, sorted!

Step Brothers


Can you ever get enough of comedies, Will Ferrell and gorgeous smelling bubble baths?! Pull up Netflix on your computer, tablet or phone, place it somewhere safe near your bath and laugh out your illness! Step Brothers is the perfect movie to watch whilst soaking away, we know a good bath is always like a miracle cure for us! Try adding one of the Bubble T Bath and Body Pearl Drop Bath Bombs full of antioxidants and luxurious scents. Is it possible to spend enough time pampering yourself?



You’re still feeling rough, you know you need to try to pull yourself together yet your hair looks just like Princess Anna’s. Forget your reputation, let it go and sing your heart out to Frozen. Who cares if it’s the favourite Disney film of the newest generation of children? It’s definitely one of our guilty pleasures! Leave the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque soaking in to rehydrate your hair whilst you embrace your inner child. Besides, everyone loves a good Disney movie!

Mean Girls


One film we are sure most of you sassy girlies have seen countless times is Mean Girls which is why it had to take a spot in our top 5 movies! Even though you probably feel just like Regina George when she was hit by a bus, it’s always our go-to Netflix watch! You can never watch this too many times so relax and you could even use some OPI Nail Varnishes. A cute manicure will forever be the thread holding us together when super ill and slowly giving up so treat your nails!

Are you in desperate need of a Netflix and Ill session? Which are your top 5 movies? Let us know over on Twitter and Instagram and tag @HQhair!

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