How To Slay Your Halloween Party Playlist 2018

How To Slay Your Halloween Party Playlist 2018

Planning a Halloween party? You’ve got your costume and makeup sorted thanks to our 13 Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas, you’ve prepared for a night of witchcraft and creating some cocktail concoctions with our 3 Creepy Halloween Cocktails, and now it’s time to make sure your Halloween party seriously SLAYS, with our Halloween Party Playlist. Simply sit back, hit shuffle and watch your guests go thriller!

Why not be the hostess with the mostest, and add a ‘touch up’ table so that your guests can give their hair a little extra volume, add some glitter, and improve their spooky look? Take a look at the products we recommend below for quick touch ups!

Add some serious sparkle to your look with OCC's Cosmetic Glitter!

A coat of purple on your nails is the perfect way to add a little mystery this Halloween.

Go all out with bold and bright colours from Illamasqua's Sketch Sticks!

Let your guests neaten their hair in Halloween Style with the Tangle Angel Hairbrush in Black.

Are your guests looking a little... flat? Give them a spritz of this to add volume to their hair!

Your guests can backcomb their hair to petrifying perfection with this brush!

Who doesn't need an added iridescent sparkle?

If purple isn't your colour, this green is perfect for Halloween!

Your guests can fix their hair to perfection with the ghd final fix hairspray.

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