Hi everyone, I’m Sandra from  I started my blog to document every fashion trend that really inspired me. My bookmarks were overflowing so I decided it would be better to just put all the products and accessories in one active blog. It has slowly grown into a positive space where I share my reviews with other great bloggers all around the world and this is what inspires me to write.

In the past I focused my skills mainly in fashion design and illustration after studying Fashion design womenswear in London. I spend more time now doing what I love, writing for blogs styling and trying out hair & make up techniques which is super exciting. I honestly can’t think of anything better!

Cottonbeauty4  edit

This is a little nail tutorial that is super easy and quick to create yourself. Inspiration came from summer dress prints and festival music, the feminine sparkle comes out dramatically in the evenings. I hope you have fun trying this look, even the nail polishes are right here on

So, let’s get started:

Cottonbeauty1nail edit

Make sure you treat your nails to a layer of base coat first. Then apply a coat of Nails inc. Victoria & Albert juicy red shade. I applied two coats here, but one coat is just as fine.


Cottonbeauty2nail edit

When the red is completely dry, take your brush, dotting lightly all over your nail in O.P.I’s Tutti Frutti Tonga creating polka dots. You can use a thin paint brush  if you like.

Cottonbeauty3nail edit

Let the polka dots dry and finish with Nails Inc. Chapel Market, this red sparkle is so festive and chic.

Let all the layers dry thoroughly and apply a top coat to protect your gorgeous manicure.


Remember you can try different colours with this nail tutorial, pink and gold is very pretty try using O.P.I Limited edition ‘when monkey’s fly’ gold sparkles, I adore this gold. You can find it on, have stunning nails throughout summer.


Tips for the perfect at-home manicure treatment:


  1. In a bowl, add some soothing bubble bath in warm water.
  2. Remove all your nail polish with cotton buds.
  3. Soak your hands in the warm water for 2 mins, then get a hand scrub and exfoliate your fingers and nails gently.
  4. Rinse off your hands in clean warm water. Then apply sweet almond oil all over your hands. Massage gently into your fingers and cuticles.



You can try this treatment before your next manicure, or on a ‘bare nails’ day.


Stay beautiful

Sandra x

Writer and expert