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Although our beauty stash is probs bigger than we’d care to admit, sometimes we like to bring it back to basics. We loved watching Teaira Walker’s full face of concealer challenge video on YouTube, so wanted to give it a go ourselves and see if we could do it too. Keep scrolling to find out the best full coverage concealer you can use…

Full Face of Concealer Tutorial

Following Teaira’s tutorial, we’re gonna walk you through the steps to doing a full face of makeup using only the best full coverage concealers.

Step One: Eyebrows

Taking a dark shade to match your brows, draw in your brows using a liquid concealer with an angled brush. Ensure you’re using a full coverage concealer as this will give you plenty of scope to build up colour and create a blend where required.

Start by outlining your brows and creating shape, before filling in and adding tone. Gradually add product and build up, as this will help you to keep control of your products.

Next, take a lighter shade to match your skintone and carve out below and above your brows to really define the shape. Make sure you use one of the best full coverage concealers available as you’ll really be adding definition with this product. For this step, make sure you use a brush with tightly packed bristles. This will help you control where you place the product and help give a sharper line.

Step Two: Foundation

Find your shade in a liquid concealer, and apply using a makeup sponge. Concealers tend to be thicker than foundation, so really make sure you work on that blend to ensure a full coverage look.

Step Three: Contour and Highlight

Take a stick concealer in a shade a few tones darker than your skintone and draw underneath the cheekbone, round the temples and along the sides of the nose, or wherever you’d chose to contour. Again using your makeup sponge, blend these in for a flawless finish.

For highlight, use a lighter shade. We’re using a pen applicator for precision, then use a brush to blend out. Build up to really make your highlight stand out.

Step Four: Lips

Line your lips with a creamy concealer – try the same type as your contour – applied with a lip brush.

Of course, if you like a nude lip then feel free to pick a shade to suit, however if you’d like to add a little colour then select a colour correcting concealer to add a wash of pink. Apply with a lip brush and build up colour around the edges to create an ombre effect.

Step Five: Eyes

We’re totally winging this look. Using a pencil concealer in a darker shade than your skintone, draw a cateye flick and extend past the outer corner of your eye. Build up the colour to add intensity.

And you’re done!

You may need to cheat slightly and add a setting powder to make sure you look stays sassy all day, but we reckon we’ve proved that you can create a full face of makeup using only the best full coverage concealers.

Would you ever try to recreate this look? And what is the best full coverage concealer you’ve used?

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