The Best Makeup Essentials You Should Own

The Best Makeup Essentials You Should Own

Most girls, and some guys (hey, we don’t put people in boxes here) have those make-up essentials they cannot live without. We get it. You’ve got your go-to routine and without your tried and trusted setting spray, your favourite must have foundation isn’t staying put. If you’re reading this and thinking, ‘I just don’t have products like that’, keep reading, because we’ve put together a list of our 13 Makeup Essentials You Should Own.

Our PPC Executive Amy says: “I ain’t got time for falsies everyday, but eyelash curlers are an easy and quick way for me to boost my lashes and I think my mascara always works better after I’ve used them. They might be a bit old school, but they’re still an essential for me!”

We all know the importance of a power brow. A good brow gel makes shaping and defining brows super easy. Editorial Executive Laura said, “I will not leave the house without my brows done. It adds so much shape to the face and I feel totally naked without them. For when you don’t have time for a full pencil and fill in, a tinted brow gel tidies everything up and covers patchier areas really quickly.”

HQhair’s trading manager Fran says the right makeup brush can completely transform your makeup and the Sigma F80 is perfect for a flawless base.

Jasmine from our social media team swears by Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder for an affordable powder to help set her foundation and reduce shine. Her top tip is to add it on top of concealer for a little more coverage without having to wear a full face of makeup!

Brushes are all well and good, but there’s nothing like a good miracle complexion sponge to ensure you have a flawless base, plenty of coverage and no streaks!

Summer is on the way, which is the perfect excuse for going for that barely there makeup look. Our beauty buyer Lizzie always keeps a bottle of tinted moisturiser to hand so that if she’s ever running late she can sweep it over her face and kill two birds with one stone!

For the days you need to conquer the world, a red lippie is an absolute MUST. A woman with a bold red lip can do anything! We love the Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick for a softer look too!

For the days you’re feeling a little dull and want some extra sparkle, highlighter is a must. We tend to grab theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer on a daily basis, and even have one on our desk here at HQhair!

Whether you want a feline flick or a subtle bit of smoke, eyeliner is a staple we LOVE here at HQhair. Our PPC Manager Kelly says, “Black, brown, liquid or pencil, it doesn’t matter – I don’t look like an actual human being without it!”

Bat those lashes! Whether you’re rocking a glam smokey eye or keeping it natural, a coat of mascara on your lashes is sure to add the finishing touch to every makeup look. We can’t get enough of Bourjois’ Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara right now!

This might sound like a boring one, but our Email Marketing Executive Faye said that she uses her tweezers every day as part of her makeup regime. “They’re great for a quick tidy up of my brows on a daily basis, to eliminate any stray hairs in between eyebrow appointments and to help keep a perfect shape. I also use them to apply my lashes of a weekend, I find this much easier, quicker and less stressful than trying to tackle them by hand!”

With the world of contouring, bronzing and highlighting, blush often gets forgotten about. We love adding a pink hue to our cheeks, and theBalm’s Hot Mama with gold shimmery tones is our go-to for summer.

Which of these are your essentials? Are there any other products that you can’t live without?



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