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Just been paid and already skint? We know the feeling, babe. This is why we’ve pulled a few strings to hook a sista’ up with a makeup brushes and sponge set fo’ free. Wanna know more? This is exactly what’s included in your gift…

Your Makeup Brushes and Sponge Set Gift

Wanna know what’s gonna be yours? This is everything included…

Tapered Powder Brush

For a flawless finish, make sure you apply you finish your makeup look with a powder. This will set your base in place, and ensure your makeup lasts longer. Summer heat? Please, nothing’s gonna move our makeup.

Best for: powder foundation, setting powder

Pointed Contour Brush

Wanna get that Kim K chiseled look? We’ve got your back. Apply your contour powder with our pointed contour makeup brush, perfect for fitting in the hollows of the cheeks and sculpting the face.

We also love using this brush for applying a powder highlighter – just remember to make sure there’s no bronzer left before applying!

Best for: powder contour, bronzer, highlighter

Angled Blush Brush

Blush is back: big time. To make sure you’re rockin’ this season’s key makeup trend, apply powder and gel blushers using our angled blush brush. Pack on a lil pigment and brush in upward strokes to add a touch of colour.

Best for: blusher

Blending Makeup Sponge

Remember when makeup sponges weren’t a thing? If you haven’t converted already, try our makeup sponge fo’ free (details on how to get yours below) for a flawless application for liquids, including foundation, concealer and highlighter.

Best for: liquid foundation, liquid highlighter, concealer

Want to receive your free makeup brushes and sponge set? Spend £50 and use code WORLD at checkout*.

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