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How To Apply False Lashes

There’s nothing better than super-long luscious lashes! A good pair of strip lashes makes your eyes pop, but applying them wrong can leave them looking amateur. We HQ gals have put together a fool proof guide on how to apply false lashes so you don’t have to suffer! Now you can effortlessly sport flawless, fluttery lashes your tribe will be envious of!

Step 1: Prep Your Natural Lashes!

One of the best ways to make sure your false lashes blend naturally is to prep correctly first! Start by sweeping a cotton pad soaked in Lord & Berry Fluid Delicate Micellar Water to remove traces of oil, helping the glue to stick better. To help your lashes blend, curl your lashes with a pair of eyelash curlers, creating a better base to work on. Add a few coats of mascara and when you go to put on your false lashes, they’ll sit more naturally.

Step 2: Measure em’ Up!

When false lashes are too big, they can pull the eyes down which is not a good look! To make sure they fit well; rest them along your line to see whether they need to be trimmed to size. They should start where the natural bulk of your eyelashes begin and end 2-4 lashes inwards of the outer corner of your eye. Any larger can leave you with irritated, watery eyes which is never good! If you need to trim them, cut at the lash band and remove the longer, outer lashes.

Step 3: Prevent Lash Pop Up!

After taking false lashes out of the box, they often become flat. When this happens, the outer and inner corners pop up after being applied which is not a good look! Luckily, you can avoid this annoying beauty blunder by rolling the lashes around your finger or a circular makeup brush handle. Once left for about one minute, they should remain curved once applied!

Step 4: Get em’ Glued!

To make sure your lashes stay on, it’s important to get the glueing right! Putting on too much will cause a sticky mess and too little will leave them peeling off prematurely. Dot a thin layer along the lash band and wait around 30 seconds for the glue to go tacky before applying. Remember, the tackier, the better!

Tip: For an even stronger hold, use a double glueing method by applying some dots directly onto your lash line too!

Step 5: Apply Like A Pro!

Now you’ve prepared your false lashes, you need to apply them like a pro; otherwise your eye makeup is ruined! Start by placing a mirror flat beneath you so you can look down whilst applying. Slowly lower the false lashes down onto your eyelid and press down. Get them as close as possible to your natural lashes to avoid leaving a tell-tale gap. If you struggle to apply them with your fingers, use a pair of tweezers instead. Once applied, you’re all done so you can flaunt your fluttery lashes to the world!

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Whether you’re looking for a natural pair to enhance your eyes during the day, or wanting some longer ones for a night out, we have false lashes for every occasion!

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