#HQSCARE: Halloween Ghost Makeup Tutorial 2018 With Illamasqua

Halloween is just around the corner, and as you can imagine, the gals here at HQhair could not be more excited! There is no better time of year to really experiment and go all out with your makeup, but it can be kind of hard to find a look that’s super cool, sexy, spooky, and easy enough to recreate. You are in for a treat, as we caught up with the absolute babes over at Illamasqua to create a Halloween ghost makeup tutorial for a look that will be turning heads for the right reasons!

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Halloween Ghost Makeup Tutorial

  1. Applying The Base

    The first step is creating that ghostly pale base. First, apply Illamasqua's Hydra Veil Primer all over the face, followed by Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation. To go even paler, mix in a few drops of the Skin Base Foundation in shade 01 to your own foundation. Next up, set your pale base using a large powder brush and Illamasqua's Pressed Powder in 010 - a translucent mattifying powder that will give your skin a velvety finish.
  2. The Evil Eyes

    If looks could kill... Create a spooky stare by first packing 'Obsidian' from Illamasqua's Neutral Eyeshadow Palette onto the lid using a medium sized eyeshadow brush. Apply across the whole of the top of the lid, and bring down below the bottom lashline too. There's no need to be too neat with this! The bolder and darker the better! Next, blend out the edges using the Illamasqua Eyeshadow Blending Brush for a sultry and smokey effect. Finish off the eyes by adding a few coats of Illamasqua's Masquara Gain to your lashes.
  3. Poison Pout

    Give yourself the kiss of death with a poison pout! Start by lining then filling in your lips with Illamasqua's Slick Stick Eyeliner in 'Mass', then add a stripe of the Gel Eyeliner in Quixotic using the Lip Brush. Once dry, apply a layer of Illamasqua's Pure Pigment in Axolotl on top of the Gel Eyeliner.
  4. Devilish Details

    Time for the finishing touches. We added a stripe across the nose using the Gel Eyeliner from step 3, and some dots just above the strip along the bridge of your nose and up towards your forehead. For extra dark, doll like eyes, add a set of lashes to your bottom lash line!

What will you be spookin’ it up as this Halloween?

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