8 Stages of Black Friday Online Shopping

8 Stages of Black Friday Online Shopping

If you didn’t already know, Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year, and the best day for finding those all important bargains and discounts. Whether you’re gathering gifts for others, or treating yourself to something for party season, the Black Friday online shopping stress can be REAL. If you’re a first timer, here’s what you can expect to go through…

 The serious list making and preparation stage..

lipst making black friday shopping

This stage will make you feel super prepared and ensure you’re going to get everything you want this Black Friday. You’ve listed each item, which website you’re shopping from, their current prices and even saved them to your favourites. What could possibly go wrong?!

Having around 800 tabs open at once…

Black Friday Shopping

Right now you’ve got an endless amount of tabs open, and the slightest slide to the right when switching tabs could result in fatality (losing one of your must haves). We know the feeling when that happens, our advice: press CTRL+Tab to switch over and avoid that moment of terror!

Constantly refreshing those 800 tabs while you wait for more discount…

refreshing tabs

It might get boring, but it has to be done. Hitting refresh over and over to ensure you don’t miss the moment your item gets discounted. We know the feeling. After a while you’ve stopped even looking at the screen. STAY FOCUSED!!

Adding everything to your basket, because… BLACK FRIDAY…

Black Friday Shopping Adding To Basket

If there is ever a reason to shop, it’s got to be when there’s discounts, right?! There is no better feeling than saving money on your shopping, so what better way to celebrate than more shopping! This is the time where you can use the excuse ‘I saved £50 so I’m going to spend that on myself…’

Feeling triumphant as you tick the last item off your list…

Black Friday Shopping Complete Smug

Your eyes are starting to sting, you have cramp in your fingers, and your bum is completely numb, but you did it. You take a moment to look down at your pre-prepared list, and every single item has a satisfying TICK next to it. Girl, you got this.

Getting to the checkout to find your total is way more than you expected…

Black Friday Shopping

Ah damn. You didn’t keep a running total did you? How has your basket exceeded the total on your pre-prepared list?! You did the maths after all. Ah wait, maybe it was those extra 3 for 2 lipsticks. Or the half price hair brushes, so naturally you had to buy 3 because BLACK FRIDAY. Better try and get the total down a little..

Until you scroll down and notice all the discounts of course!

Black Friday Shoppinh

Turns out you just didn’t scroll down to the discounts. And OH what savings you have made! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER

Checkout, sit back, and wait for the goods to be delivered!

Black Friday Shopping Completed

Brush that dirt off your shoulder like Kelly Rowland, sit back and bask in the glory of your Black Friday savings. You have done well. Now all you need to do is wait for the make-up, beauty goods, skincare and haircare to arrive at your door! How many presents did you actually buy and how many items ended up being for yourself…?

Now you’re prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that is Black Friday online shopping, be sure to check out our Black Friday sign up page on site so that you can be the first to hear about our offers and discounts. Good luck, we have faith in you!




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