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Product focus: The Parlux 3200

Unlike sitting down to paint your nails or put a face mask on, drying your hair is one of those beauty routines that, let’s face it, we would definitely skip if we could, and we do if we’re not leaving the house. Well at HQhair we may have found the perfect tool to make the process quicker and easier, and dare we say it, even enjoyable.

The Parlux 3200 hairdryer has been the hair stylist’s best friend since it came on the scene, with Andrew Barton, a judge for the Your Hair Product Awards, even saying: “A faultless all-rounder, the Parlux looks great, feels light and makes busy days a breeze.” With its powerful 1900 watt motor blasting gusts of air at 69 cubic meters per hour, it’s no wonder salons get through more blow dries in a day with this gem than we do sweets at our desk.
And it seems we may even be a little late to the party, as InStyle UK have been raving about this for some time now, recently saying: “The Parlux 3200 range has proved to be the most popular Parlux hairdryer range. Available with or without ceramic ionic technology, this Parlux model has won countless awards and is a firm favourite with hairdressers and stylists such as George Northwood & Mathew Alexander.”

So not only does it dry hair at an incredible speed, but Parlux have also got the design spot on for non-professional stylists to use. Weighing less than most of our handbags at only 490 grams, it measures at a compact and easy to use 20cm! No more achy blow-dry arms that’s for sure, and finally a size that won’t tip us over the weight scales at the airport.

The range comes in a stylish and eye catching variety of colours and patterns, so there is one to suit every personality.

PinkParlux Whiteparlux RedParlux

We know during the summer heat you’ll want to reduce your hair drying time as much as possible, so pick up your Parlux 3200 over at HQhair and check out the full range of colours and designs we have to offer.




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