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Got Coloured Hair? This Is the Haircare You NEED to Try!

If you have colour-treated hair, from rainbow locks to mermaid-style tresses, you’ll know the feeling of over-processed hair too well. However, you don’t need to sacrifice your hair health for the colour and style. Innovative haircare brand Color WOW have created a range of products which will protect both your colour and health for soft, luscious hair you can fall in love with!

About Color WOW

Award-winning haircare brand Color WOW are dedicated to protecting coloured hair. They’re aware that it’s fashionable to sport expressive shades from radiant reds, to bold blues or anything in-between. Due to this, they know that colour care technology is essential. The brand then created an innovative line of products designed to solve issues that those who have coloured hair have suffered with.

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Color WOW Carb Cocktail Bionic Tonic

The Carb Cocktail Bionic Tonic is a leave in treatment designed to enhance and fortify hair. When colour processed, hair loses a lot of natural protein mass. The bionic tonic combats this by rebuilding the protein. Its high-carb complex contains corn starch, cellulose, oat bran, quinoa and keratin protein, which binds to the hair’s surface for a full-bodied, boosted appearance. For the best results, you should use it when heat styling to reveal a healthy, mirror-like shine on your tresses!

Color WOW Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray

The Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray is a time-saving formula which reduces blow-dry time whilst protecting colour integrity. Its alcohol-free, low pH formula traps moisture into the hair for faster, safer blow drying. Leaving a clear high gloss film on strands, it helps to preserve colour vibrancy by minimising heat exposure, preventing damage and colour fading.

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Color WOW Brass Banned Correct and Perfect Mousse

The Brass Banned Correct and Perfect Mousse is made specifically for blonde hair, designed to banish unwanted yellow and brassy tones. This pale violet tinted mousse contains innovative plasticisers which work to prolong colour vibrancy, great for platinum blonde hair. Also working to maintain hair flexibility, it makes styling easier whilst leaving locks healthier looking with enhanced radiance and luminosity.

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