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As Illamasqua are our brand bae this month, we got the opportunity to sit down with their Director or Artistry Pablo Rodriguez, esteemed Makeup Artist with killa’ abilities. Wanna get to know the 411 on how to make it as an MUA, or what the next trends are gonna be in the industry? You’ve come to the right place…

First up, we asked for an edit of Pablo Rodriguez’s fave ever Illamasqua products, just so you’ve got a curated edit of MUA-approved pro makeup to start your collection.

Get to know Pablo Rodriguez

Question: This might be the first time some of our HQhair readers have discovered your work, how would you describe your makeup style in a sentence?

Bold but simple: it’s not trend-based but gestural and textured.

Question: When did you discover you had a passion for makeup artistry?

As a kid I was curious about my mum’s fashion magazines. I loved looking at the models, clothes, hair and makeup. I didn’t know back then that there was such a thing as a makeup artist profession.

Question: You’ve had a lot of experience in the industry, was there a key moment when you realised this was the dream job?

I think when I started doing fashion shows, the buzz and the adrenaline, seeing the clothes before they come out in the shops and magazines, the whole process.

Question: Were there any major challenges or roadblocks that happened whilst carving out your career?

Yes, like any other career.

oors are closed very tight when people don’t know you or they don’t know what you are able to produce.

Question: Which makeup look would you say has been your favourite to create so far?

There’s so many that I loved doing. The body monochrome paintings I did for Moschino last season in Milan were quite something. Each girl painted head to toe as in a different colour, it was very impactful.

Question: Have you noticed any key makeup trends or techniques emerging that you’re excited to focus on for Illamasqua?

I have always like undone elements of the makeup, leaving something out. We can see a lot more of that now than we used to.

Question: If you had to pick one product, either makeup or tool, which would be your favourite?

Skin Base Foundation. Apart from the wide range of colours, it’s a foundation formula that really works on everyone. Perfect coverage and natural finish.

Question: Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for amateur MUAs that have really stuck with you?

Keep on playing, experimenting, it’s only makeup, it comes off. And sharpen your beauty eye.

Now you know why Pablo Rodriguez is the boss, get to know the makeup products he works with on the daily.

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