Illusion and Masquerade are the two words that were fused together to create the name of professional make-up giant Illamasqua. Founded by Julian Kynaston in 2008, Illamasqua has continued to amaze with their bold, bright and daring collections, created to inspire and promote self-expression and self-confidence.

"True beauty, we believe, lies in the individuality of the imperfections that we all have. Unique. Interesting. You."

The Inspiration

Julian created Illamasqua back in 2008 with no previous experience in the make-up industry, and launched the brand to reflect his passion for all things subcultural. Kynaston describes himself as a punk rocker at heart, and dreamed of a make-up brand that would give women the power to be as loud, proud and vivacious as the rebellious musicians he admired. As well as music, Illamasqua takes inspiration from many other art forms, in particular theatre. The explosive colour palettes and hard-wearing formulas are a direct link to the brand’s dramatic origins; and their tagline ‘you are beauty’ promises to arm you with the tools, expertise and confidence to unleash your inner beauty and creativity.

Make-up doesn't have to be neutral, or minimalist. Illamasqua give you the tools to transform yourself into any character. Exaggerate your best features, break the rules and try something new!