12 Instagram Accounts You Need to Hit the Follow Button on!

We all know the feeling of scrolling through our Instagram at 3am when we can’t get to sleep, only to find the same generic posts which results in you becoming frustrated that you’re still awake. Rather than torturing yourself in the same way again, here at HQhair we’ve rounded up our top Instagram accounts which you need to be following to spice up your feed, add a little sarcasm, sass and style and of course, keep you entertained!


After scrolling through @missjazminad’s Instagram feed, it’s pretty much impossible to not want to try your best at creating some awesome lip art. She has some crazy mad skills and we have to admit, we’re jealous of her lips, they’re stunningly plump and smooth!



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We can literally feel the sassy vibes beaming out of @openmindfreesoul’s fluorescent nails and insane makeup!  Not only that, we just got hit with a wave of inspiration… bring out the Illamasqua products!


Celebrity glamour shots appear everywhere these days from the internet to magazines, television and even advertisements which crop up when you’re out and about. In fact, they’re so common that we sometimes don’t notice how ridiculous some of the poses are… @waverider_ on Instagram takes matters into his own hands to recreate these shots and it’s safe to say we love it!


Once you check out the crazy cool Instagram account of 3D artist @spencerhibert, you’re entertained for hours. From cool skull projects to bubble-gum sculptures, they’ve got it all! Just make sure to head over there for either Inspiration or just a little boredom cure!



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Chances are that you’ve already seen at least one post from this sassy OAP! However, if you haven’t then you just need to follow her. Just by reading her bio, you know you’re in for a treat. Can we have an extra grandma please?


Do you enjoy having a good giggle at the stereotypical Instagram posts that everyone seems to think is post worthy? If you do, the feed which belongs to @satiregram is made for you. Seriously, check it out, it’s awesome.


Everyone loves a cute dog, right? @marniethedog on Instagram just has to be followed by every single animal lover in the world. She is recognised by her tilted head and adorable tongue which is unable to rest completely inside her mouth and we’re so glad she managed to get adopted, even if it took her until the age of 10, cutie.


@emeusz.creative ??? #wearetothe9s

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As much as we love the unique and quirky Instagram feeds here at HQhair, we have a soft spot for those clean cut, monochrome Instagram images. @wearetothe9s definitely is our go-to for these Instagram goals! Warning: you will be scrolling for hours, it’s fascinating!


We just got bitten by the travel bug. @projectinspo not only has an Instagram feed to truly be proud of, Jinna also has a blog which is just pure inspiration and we can’t help but receive a pang of jealousy every time we have a scroll. Her adventures around the globe are one-of-a-kind and – she met a cute elephant, aw.


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Possibly the cutest couple on the planet?! @jayalvarrez‘s life is definitely one to be envious of, with his incredible looks and his gorgeous girlfriend along with travelling the world from sunny Venice beach to gorgeous Mallorca… Anyone want to take us any time soon? While you’re at it, check out his YouTube channel too!



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Of course, we had to include a model into the mix. @sahara_ray is just an absolute babe and definitely one of our woman crushes. Plus, there’s a slight hint of sassiness in the mix which just tops it off; she’s fabulous.


painting at the gallery today ??

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@charmaineolivia is an artist who creates some truly amazing work. Her paintings are so realistic and it makes us want to crack open an old paint set and attempt it ourselves, there’s no doubt that they won’t turn out as well as these though.

Who are your MUST follow’s on Instagram… apart from @HQhair of course 😉



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