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We like to think we’re gonna be one of the first people to see every trend on insta (we have a lot of post notifications turned on). So when we saw this latest hair trend to hit the ‘gram, we knew we needed to share it with you. Haven’t heard of tiger eye hair yet? Trust us, you’re gonna love it.

What is tiger eye hair?

Tiger eye hair is the newest form of balayage. It takes shades of gold, bronze and brown most commonly found in the tiger eye stone, to create a warm colour with depth.

Tiger eye is the best type of balayage for people with warm skin tones. It also particularly suits brunettes due to it being applied to a base of dark brown coloured hair.

Happy national puppy day. ? Even though he just turned 1.

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Which babes are already working the trend?

Absolute babe Negin Mirsalehi has been rockin’ the trend before it was cool (as always), and we’ve been admiring her perf’ tresses form afar for a long time.

Other celeb huns to werk’ it include Chreissy Teigen, Jessica Alba and Malika, and YouTubers Lydia Millen and Brittany Xavier. If you take the plunge and get this style, you’re guaranteed to be in good company.

mama and her baby boy

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What products do I need to keep my hair lookin’ fire?

The key to this trend is making sure your hair is in super good condition at all times. The multi-tonal colour looks best with perf’ conditioned hair, so think hair masks (pssst, read our hair mask guide for more tips!) and conditioners formulated with coloured hair in mind. Hair oils will also be your friend.

We’ve pulled together some of our fave products perf’ for nailing this instagram hair trend, so you know exactly what you’ll need to rock it.

Love the tiger eye hair trend and wanna keep your tresses in perf’ condition?

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