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You’ve taken off the wristband, hangover’s subsided and you’ve uploaded your last throwback photo to Instagram, but are you still finding glitter eyeshadow all over your face? It’s time you read our ultimate guide on how to remove face glitter.

How to remove face glitter

We take you through the best way to remove face glitter step by step, from the best ways to apply glitter to how to get it off quickly without damaging your skin. You’re welcome.

1. Apply face glitter with a gel

Whatever you do, don’t reach for the PVA – trust us on this. Although PVA is great for making sure your face glitter lasts all day through both rain and shine, your skin won’t thank you when it comes to taking it off.

Instead, opt for an aloe vera gel. These gels dry clear and also act as a cooling agent, so not only will they ensure your body glitter stays on all day, but they’ll help to soothe skin. This is perfect for festivals, as you’ll have spent plenty of time outside and may have been a little lax on applying the SPF.

We’ve selected the best aloe vera gels to apply face glitter with:

2. Remove most face glitter with hot water

Things are about to get hot and steamy up in here. The first step for removing face glitter is simply to crank up the heat and step in the shower. By simply standing up the shower head, the hot water will work on removing the sticky bonds on whatever you used to apply the body glitter, and loosen them from the skin.

At this point, avoid using a face flannel or any kind of face cloth as this can pull the skin. See what you can remove simply by gently massaging your skin in circular motions under the hot water.

Cleanse the rest of your body like normal. We’ve picked our most luxe shower gels and oils to help you get back to normal post-festival weekend.

3. How to remove hair glitter

While you’re in the shower, it’s time to focus on removing hair glitter. Our top tip for how to remove hair glitter is by using oil based products, meaning the glitter and its fixant will slide off more easily.

If you’ve got some coconut oil at home, melt some in your palms and massage into hair in circular motions, slowly lifting up the hair glitter. If you want a hair oil specific to the job, then have a browse of our edit below, all perfect for getting rid of hair glitter.

4. Remove remaining glitter with oil-based cleansers

Again, oil-based makeup remover will be your go-to. The shower should have removed most of the face glitter by now, but if there are any small bits remaining, then an oil cleanser will be the trick.

At first, massage into skin in small circular motions with your hands to work the product into the skin and work the face glitter off. Once you feel like you’ve taken off as much face glitter as you can, use a cotton wool pad to remove any residue, and make sure that you’ve got rid of as much of the glitter as possible.

If you’re looking for how to remove glitter eyeshadow, use the above steps, just be gentle around the eye area as the skin is thinner here.

5. Exfoliate

Pretty much all face glitter should be gone by now, but to treat your skin after the tough times it’s been through, use a gentle exfoliator to ensure that any smaller particles are swept away.

Also, you can use a little bit of masking tape to pick up any bits that simply refuse to get removed.

6. Moisturise

End your routine by moisturising, to seal in the goodness from the rest of your skincare routine. Whether you’ve been removing face or body glitter (who are we to judge? Use both!), moisturising will help nourish the skin and be the first step to helping to repair any damage caused by the weekend. You, however, will have to come up with the hangover cure.

How not to remove face glitter

Of course, in an ideal world you’d follow the steps above. However, these are the steps to avoid, where possible:

  • Use face wipes. One step? OK. Easy? We get ya. Perfect? Hell no. Although face wipes might be your first point of call, they’ll simply be ripped to shreds by the face glitter and not achieve all that much.
  • Scrub. Avoid scrubbing your skin as this will only move the face glitter about at best, and really pull your skin at worst. Focus on rubbing in circular motions as this will gently remove your glitter makeup.

Now you’ve read up on how to remove face glitter, it’s time to start planning your next festival makeup look

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