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Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

If you suffer with oily skin, you’ll know the struggle of sliding makeup and a shiny complexion. From your skincare routine right down to your makeup choices, there are plenty of ways to combat that unwanted glow. We’ve put together our top beauty tips for oily skin, so you can show off a flawless complexion 24/7!

What Causes Oily Skin?

Oily skin is a result of excess oil production within the pores. This is often caused by fluctuating hormones which are an effect of stress, puberty and other events. You can also naturally have oily skin through bad diet, or through no fault of your own with genetics.

Our Top Tips for Oily Skin

Keep Up Cleansing

The first step to combating oily skin is to cleanse. Cleansing the skin will clear pores for a better complexion. A foaming cleanser is the best option as it will get deep into the skin and remove makeup, dirt and oil without drying the skin out. This stops the skin from going into overdrive and producing even more oil!

Scrub Up

As oily skin causes pores to become congested, a scrub is needed to loosen dirt and dead skin cells. An exfoliator, whether chemical or physical, should be used every other day to prevent build up and keep skin looking and feeling fresh. Our favourite chemical exfoliant is the Pixi Glow Tonic.

Get Toned

After cleansing, a toner is a good choice as it removes any leftover traces to balance the skin. Opt for a sensitive, oil-free toner to keep the skin hydrated without stripping away healthy oils.

Mask it

We all love a good face mask, and with good reason too. A clay mask is the best option as it absorbs excess oil from deep within the pores, helping to maintain a healthy pH. Not only that, taking the time to use a face mask will allow you to relax, lowering stress which can also prevent more sebum production.

Stay Hydrated

We know that when you’re having a particularly oily day, it can be tempting to skip the moisturiser. However, these are the days you should definitely use it! A good quality moisturiser will hydrate the skin which in turn, prevents oiliness. This is because dry skin will produce more oil to try and combat the lack of moisture.

Stay Set

Even though the skincare is now out of the way, you’re not quite done. Often, people unknowingly use an oil-based foundation which of course counteracts all of your anti-oil efforts! Using a non-comedogenic water-based foundation will prevent your skin from becoming slippy and shiny again. Top tip: remember to set with a powder for stronger staying power!

Blot It

When it’s midday, if you start to see the shine making an appearance, the last thing you want to do is pile more powder on top to try and mask it. This is because it blocks up pores and makes it worse over time! Instead, pop a pack of blotting papers in your handbag and dab one on your face when needed. It will soak up any oil without making your makeup seem cakey!

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