21 Inspiring Career Quotes From Women Who Changed The Game

Whether you’re in college, university or working, you’re sure to have a long-term ambition. But sometimes, it’s difficult to get motivated to achieve your dreams! For those moments you’re not at the top of your game, we’ve pulled together 21 inspiring career quotes from women who changed the game to boost you up!

21 Inspiring Career Quotes From Women Who Changed The Game

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lady gaga career quotes

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michelle obama quote

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gretchin rubin quote

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sarah michelle gellar quote

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guo pei quote

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anna wintour quote

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sophia amoruso quote

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mari smith quotes

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helen keller quote

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beyonce quotes

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dolly parton quotes

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sallie krawcheck quotes

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jennifer lopez quotes

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tory burch quotes

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marie curie quotes

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beryl markham quotes

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ayn rand quotes

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alicia vikander quotes

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caroline myss quotes

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oprah winfrey quotes

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