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Mio review Body Scrub | HQhair Blog

Our faves Mio Skincare have just released a brand new body scrub called Heavenly Body. Obsessed? Us? Scroll down to read our full review to find out what we really thought of this brand new product.

Mio Heavenly Body Review Body Scrub | HQhair Blog

Mio Heavenly Body Scrub Review

Heavenly Body is a moisturising physical body exfoliator (AKA, it’s not a chemical exfoliator utilising AHAs). Bitter Orange Peel and Salt particles gently remove dead skin cells and remaining fake tan to reveal refreshed, renewed and glowing skin.

Sounds dreamy, right?

Kirsty took home a tub of Mio Skincare’s newest product to trial it for HQhair.

Mio Heavenly Body Scrub Review | HQhair Blog

As she’s basically used the whole tub, you can tell that Kirsty is a massive fan of this exfoliator. The scent of bitter orange is incredibly refreshing, and there’s a slight hint of almond that helps to calm. It’s basically going to transform Kirsty’s bathroom into a mini spa.

Mio Heavenly Body Scrub Review | HQhair Blog

First up, Kirsty applied the scrub to dry skin, using gentle yet firm circular motions to really help exfoliate skin while also helping to boost blood circulation.

By applying to dry skin, she’ll get an intense exfoliation. However if you prefer something gentler, apply Heavenly Body to damp or wet skin.

Mio Heavenly Body Scrub Review | HQhair Blog

To complete her bodycare routine, she washed off the exfoliator with warm water. The Almond and Coconut Oils turned to a slight milk when mixed with water, and left Kirsty’s skin moisturised without any residue.

Mio Heavenly Body Scrub Review | HQhair Blog

The results? Refreshed, moisturised and gently scented skin. We’re officially converts.

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