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So, you think you’ve got a long lasting lipstick? We put brands’ claims to the test and discover which is the best lipstick and which lasts longest versus a massive freakshake from Manchester’s Black Milk Cereal, featuring IllamasquaINC.redible and Sleek MakeUP.

HQ Tests: Best Lipsticks

The Test: Which lipstick will last the longest when eating an entire freakshake? Oh, the things we’ll do in the name of beauty…

The Score: We’ll be leaving our very own long lasting lipstick review and scoring each out of five based on the following:

  • Application
  • Colour Payoff
  • Longevity
  • Ease of removal

The Lipsticks: This time, we’ve tested three of the best long lasting lipsticks from some of our fave brands. Get ready for our starting line-up…

Sleek MakeUP True Colour Lipstick in Dare

Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick Review Dare | Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

What They Say: “Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E, the high-pigmented lipstick glides on effortlessly to hydrate and protect lips, whilst delivering smooth, comfortable colour with a long-wearing finish.”

Why We Picked It: As one of our newest launches, we had to include Sleek MakeUP. It’s a traditional bullet lipstick, so we’re well-practiced in application, and are intrigued by just how matte this matte lipstick formula will apply when we’ve got used to liquid lipsticks.

We’ve opted for a dark nude shade in “Dare”. They say matte lipsticks last longer, but how will it fare versus a freakshake?

Price: £4.99

Illamasqua Aura Multi-Use Top Coat

Illamasqua Aura Topcoat Review | Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

What They Say: “Infused with opalescent particles for a shimmering rainbow effect, the smooth formula glides effortlessly onto skin, delivering an ultra-luminous highlight with show-stopping glow. It lays down a crystalline film that sets instantly for long-wearing, comfortable results.”

Why We Picked It: Did someone say rainbow glitter lipstick? When we first heard about Illamasqua‘s newest drop we had to add-to-bag ASAP, and we weren’t disappointed on opening the parcel.

This is the most expensive lipstick of the three we’re testing, but it’s also the biggest by a long way. The luxe packaging is pretty much double the size of INC.redible’s, so the higher price point makes more sense.

We love that you can use it as a highlight or for glossy lids, but we’re super excited to see what it looks like on our lips.

Price: £22.00

INC.redible Listen Hard Girl Neon Lip Paint in I’m Hot RN

INC.redible Listen Hard Girl Lip Paint review I'm Hot RN | Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

What They Say: “Long-wearing and comfortable, the formula glides on like a butter and can be lightly patted in for a subtle sheer effect or built up for loud, dramatic colour.”

Why We Picked It: We’re definitely not wallflowers at HQ, so a neon lip paint is right up our street. We’ve gone for the brightest of the bright, and opted for INC.redible‘s brightest lip colour in orange.

A lip paint is a mix between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It comes with a tapered doe foot applicator made to hug your lips, so we’re excited to see how both the applicator and product impact on application and longevity. Which will be the best lipstick of the three?

Price: £10.00

Long Lasting Lipsticks Vs Freakshakes

We headed to Black Milk Manchester in the Northern Quarter to see who’d come out on top: beauty or carbs.

Here’s a shot of us before…

Best Sleek Lipstick | Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in Dare | National Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

Lily wears best Sleek lipstick

Best Illamasqua Lipstick | Illamasqua Aura Topcoat Review | National Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

Charlotte wears best Illamasqua lipstick

Best INC.redible Lipstick | INC.redible Listen Hard Girl Lip Paint in I'm Hot RN | Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

Rebecca wears best INC.redible lip paint

And here’s the competition from Black Milk Manchester…

Black Milk Manchester Freakshakes | National Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

Time to get down to business and find out which would be the best lipstick of the three…

Illamasqua Lipstick Review gif | HQhair Blog INCredible lipstick review gif | HQhair Blog Sleek lipstick review dare gif | HQhair Blog

Which was the best lipstick? The Results:

Have a look at our after photos to find out which lip product passed the freakshake test…

Sleek Lipstick Review

Sleek Lipstick Review | National Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog


Lily applied this Sleek lipstick just like you would a normal bullet lipstick. The pointed shape of the product means that it was easy to keep the edges defined, and even though it has a semi-matte finish it didn’t apply too patchily or dry the lips.


Colour Payoff:

It took a couple of coats to get an opaque finish, but as it glided on so easily the colour was easy to build up.



There’s a slight bit of wear in the middle of the lips, but there’s no bleeding and it didn’t do too badly against the freakshake!


Ease of Removal: 

One swipe of a cotton wool pad covered in makeup remover and this lipstick was gone!


Total: 18/20

Illamasqua Lipstick Review | National Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog


The doefoot applicator meant that this liquid lipstick was super easy to apply, and it easily glided onto lips.


Colour Payoff:

Admittedly this is meant to be a topcoat so opaque colour isn’t the aim of the game, but we wanted to be extra AF so Charlotte wanted a full on unicorn look and layered up this glitter lipstick. One coat left a semi-sheer finish, however she achieved the above look by letting it dry for about 20-30 seconds between layers, with 4 layers in total.



As you can see, the lipstick’s slightly faded in the middle – probably because Charlotte applied it quite thickly! – but the lipstick’s defs still in place and hasn’t smudged around the edges at all.


Ease of Removal:

If you want the best long lasting lipstick, then this really ought to be your go-to. In short, it doesn’t budge. Charlotte went through a fair amount of makeup remover before trying a lip scrub to get rid of the final bits.


Total: 16/20

INCredible Lipstick Review | National Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog


A square ended applicator made this neon lipstick easy to apply like a lip gloss, but it was pretty tricky for Rebecca to get an even coverage. If you were a bit heavy-handed with the applicator you could end up taking the product off, but with a steady hand everything applied perfectly.


Colour Payoff:

Oh, hey neon! This definitely isn’t a colour for wallflowers, but if you wanna be extra then this neon orange lipstick will be just the thing. Apply one sheer layer for a touch of colour, or go all out and apply a few layers for an opaque statement lip.



Definitely the glossiest of all the lipsticks we tried, this lip paint definitely wasn’t the most long lasting. In spite of this, where it did wear away there was still a slight bit of colour – more like a lip stain – meaning that we didn’t need to reapply straight away.


Ease of Removal:

Super easy to remove, this took a couple of swipes of a micellar water-soaked cotton pad to be completely free of colour.


Total: 15/20

Best Lipstick | National Lipstick Day | HQhair Blog

The winner: Sleek Lipstick

When it comes to the best lipstick, looks like price isn’t everything. The traditional bullet lipstick from Sleek MakeUP applied semi-matte and lasted longer than its satin competitors.

You can also read our guide to the best Sleek products to see if there’s more you want to add-to-bag.

However, if you’re looking for the most pigmented lipstick then INC.redible and Illamasqua might be better options, and you’ll definitely get loads of use out of Illamasqua’s multi-purpose formula.

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