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It’s time to make your hair a headline act, whether you’re rockin’ up to the party or you’re three days deep in the festival dream. We’re showing you our fave easy festival hairstyles for each day and how to achieve each look.

Easy Festival Hairstyles

Day One: Friday

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Your hair’s feelin’ fresh, and you’re ready to set off for your first day. First step? Make sure you double shampoo and condition, making sure your hair’s squeaky clean and ready for a load of dry shampoo.

For the first day, we’d recommend going for a look which is “your hair, but better”. We love this easy festival hairstyle by model bae Ashley Moore, which focuses on her natural curls and uses just a lil oil to define them. Try not to pack your hair with too much product, as you’ll be adding more as you swap up your festival hairstyles throughout the weekend.

Remember you won’t have access to plugs (unless you’re really camping VIP) for a few days now, so make the most of your home comforts and straighten or curl your hair with ghd straighteners or curlers to ensure you’re prepping your hair for future stylin’.

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Day Two: Saturday

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You might wake up with a sore head, but your hair’s still gotta look fleeky. There’s probs gonna be a lil grease, so we’re going to rely on one of our favourite easy festival hairstyles to get us through: the ponytail.

Use a Tangle Teezer to gently brush out any knots and work your hair into a ponytail. You know the drill: secure with a hairband (we love Invisibobble), add a light layer of hairspray to keep your pony intact and run some hair oil through the ends to keep your ponytail lookin’ flames.

Day Three: Sunday

NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY? @arianagrande Makeup By @patrickta Hair By @chrisappleton1

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It’s gonna be hard to deny that your hair’s seen better days by day three. To help hide any signs of grease, make like Ariana Grande and work a braid into your festival hair wardrobe.

We’d obvs start with dry shampoo, but hairstylist Chris Appleton’s first step to creating this beaut look for Ariana was plaiting three small french braids from your forehead to the crown of your head. Then pull the ends of these plaits and the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, and secure with a hair bobble. Finally, twist the hair into a top knot bun and secure with bobby pins and hair spray.

Day Four: Monday

It’s nearly time for you and bae (your shower, duh) to be reunited, but make sure you travel home in style like blogger babe Nyane and rock space buns.

Space buns are one of the easiest festival hairstyles to recreate. Simply use a comb to create a parting down the middle of the head, right down to the nape of your neck. Next, brush each side into a high pony, making sure you’re as symmetrical as possible. Twist into matching top knots, and secure again with hairspray.

When you’re home, indulge in a clarifying shampoo and hair mask – ‘cos after looking killa’ for the weekend, it’s time your hair deserved a treat.

Now you’ve seen our easy festival hairstyles, want to try something a lil harder?

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